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Enzmann 506 SII

  • One of 9 built
  • fixed Classic Event entries
  • rare Swiss Vehicle

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The Swiss country doctor Dr. Enzmann started to design and construction of his own Enzmann car in 1953. Probably the Glöckler Porsche or the Denzel Sportscar served as a template. For financial reasons, he chose a VW Beetle chassis. The first Enzmann was finally presented in 1957 at the International Automobile show in Frankfurt IAA. The booth number 506 at the IAA led to the name suffix 506.

Information is very limited but most likely  80-100 Enzmanns were produced and mainly sold in Switzerland and Germany. In order to enter the US market, Dr. Enzmann cooperated with the tuning company OKRASA. Thanks to the powerful OKRASA engines the Enzmann quickly became a first-class competitor for hillclimbs. Besides the OKRASA engine, engines from 356 Porsches were used. There was even one Car that got the famous Fuhrman Engine as a source of power implanted. As a consequence, VW stopped delivery of their chassis.

Up for auction is an original Enzmann 506 Spyder Series II of which a total of 9 vehicles were built between 2006 and 2014. Using the original negative mould, which was stored outdoors for a long time and painstakingly restored after being bought back, Kari Enzmann, the son of the designer, and his partners Werner Schreiber and Walter Gossweiler in Bischofszell, in eastern Switzerland, produced a small number of new bodies on historic Beetle chassis in their spare time. The vehicle offered here is the last or penultimate of a total of 9 produced vehicles. Legal requirements and the increasingly poor dimensional stability of the negative mould led to the end of production. At the end of 2020, the mould was finally sold and now serves as a museum witness. The basis of this Enzmann is a very good, unwelded Type 1 chassis from 1957, hot-dip galvanised after paint stripping. The front axle, adapted to the low vehicle weight, the seller found NOS at a VW dealer in Abu Dhabi, the as-new, already fully synchronised gearbox comes from a contemporary VW Type 1.

The front axle is fitted with an internally ventilated disc brake system from CSP, whose braking performance is convincing on hills and on the circuit. The conversion to Porsche 356 drum brakes can be done easily at any time. The rear axle is fitted with aluminium drums from the Porsche 356 A. The chrome disc wheels in the dimension 4.5 x 15 are period from Lemmerz and KPZ with slight traces of time (intended). Michelin XZX 165 SR15 tyres. All shock absorbers, bearings, lines, screw connections and cables are new. The engine is rebuilt on the basis of a SC case and has 2 original Italian 40 NOS Weber carburettors. New cylinders and pistons with 1782 cc. Sharper camshaft. Approx. 100 + hp.

External oil cooling and filtration via a Porsche 911 S filter. Additional E – Bepu. Exhaust custom made for performance increased engines by an Italian 356 specialist from V 2 A. Front lights, (partly NOS), from Karmann Ghia type 14 and indicators from Peugeot 403 as original. Taillights as original from Hella. Dashboards from Porsche 356 A and pre A ( VDO and Störk ), original Nardi wooden steering wheel with extremely rare original Enzmann horn button. Switch and interior light VW, Porsche 356 and VDO as original.

Separable tarpaulin, tailgate for possible installation of a mother-in-law seat and for easier loading of the large luggage compartment. Heating via 356 heating system with rotary knob. All bodywork, saddlery and paintwork done on delivered chassis over 3 years in Switzerland. As a treat – the last original Enzmann dealer sign, a gift from Kari Enzmann. Installation of oil cooling, filtration and engine finetuning finally carried out by Roland Schiedelmeier and Sepp Bieringer in southern Bavaria. Since then, participation in the Gaisbergrennen in Salzburg and the Gran Premio Caracciola as well as local events with great driving pleasure. KM performance since rebuild approx. 5000 km. An original Porsche 356 engine with 75 hp from 1957 and therefore matching the year of construction of the car is ready and can be installed instead of the tuning engine on request and after consultation.

Engine completely overhauled, external oil filter and double oil cooler, 1782 cc, two 40 Weber double carburettors (NOS), approx. 100 hp.

Rear brakes Porsche 356 A, front discs internally ventilated, can be converted to drum brakes at any time.

Original Enzmann bucket seats leather upholstered. Original Porsche 356 dashboard. Original Nardi steering wheel with original Enzmann 506 horn button.


Karosserie 2006 bei Enzmann in der originalen Negativform laminiert.

Front axle Beetle NOS from Abu Dhabi. Porsche 356 wheels. Custom-made exhaust.

See here the story of the Family Enzmann


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A rare opportunity for every collector and lover of sporty light vehicles with Porsche genes to acquire such a rare and at the same time mint vehicle.






4 Zyl. Boxer, Porsche






Germany, Nürnberg

Guide Price

€ 140.000 – 150.000

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Hi @Blimey the auction already ended. Are you interested in the Enzmann?