Porsche 356 B T6

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Porsche 356, the Urvater of a sports car icon.

Porsche was always all about innovation and only the latest was the best. After a decade of success with the 356 pre-A and 356 A models, it was time for new innovations in 1959. The 356 B was born. Visibly, the front end of the body was made more aerodynamic, because Porsche was always primarily concerned with speed combined with intelligent performance. The 356 B T6 ( T= Technikstand) is the most mature Porsche 356 B.

This Porsche 356 B T6 first delivered in Burlingame California and remained there until 1993 in the possession of the first customer.

In 1993 a Porsche employee bought it and imported it to Germany/Berlin. From 1993 to the present the vehicle remained continuously registered to the second owner. He bought it with a mileage of 36,000 miles. Due to the speedometer conversion to European kilometres, the speedometer was renewed in 1993. The mileage 53,000km is obviously the mileage from 1993. Accordingly, a total mileage of 110,000km can be assumed. 

The paint thickness shows that the car was partially repainted. The roof is still in the original paint. The overall paint appearance is very smooth and shows a strong color.

The interior shows very authentic and well maintained. The seats have been reupholstered with black leather. 

The technical components of the 356 work flawlessly. In July 2020 the 356 passed the German TÜV.

The vehicle valuation of the Porsche branch Berlin-Potsdam shows the actual condition and the recommended service work and costs at Porsche.

According to the Kadex card and the Porsche birth certificates, engine and transmission numbers match the chassis according to the delivery data card. Popularly called “matching numbers”.

All in all, a very authentic Porsche 356 in very well maintained condition with which you can easily travel to the wild 60s. 







356, B


4 Zyl. Boxer






Germany, Potsdam

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