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Porsche 906 – Movie Car

  • Iconic recreation
  • Movie Car
  • Made to work

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We are proud to help Randy Carlson from to find a new home for this Iconic Movie Car from the Blockbuster LeMans 66. The Car is now located in the US and we will assist if you want to bring it to Europe.

This incredible machine is history on wheels.
While it is a modern replica of a vintage Porsche racer, it is one that comes with a pedigree and provenance of its own
as it was built and used on film in the 2019 movie LeMans 66 Ford V Ferrari.

This Porsche 906 recreation played two different cars in the movie, being repainted and stickered for
different scenes.  In its current livery, it was used in the scenes from the Daytona race which were
actually filmed after the climactic LeMans race at the end when it was in yellow and white.

The image of the car is pure and perfect and it is not just a movie prop,
This was professionally built to perform at speed. not just to look fast.
One of the stunt drivers for the film reportedly hit 140mph in this car and
of all the cars created for the film, the drivers loved the 906 replicas the best.
There were 5 of these cars built for use in the film,
Three were the short tail version and two were the long tail versions of the 906.
One of the short tail examples was wrecked on camera and was scrapped
but the others have now found homes in private collections.

This car was sold to a Pennsylvania based collector and historian that proceeded to
truly take the car to the next level with many parts and details to make it as accurate of a replica
to the actual #15 906 race car driven by Hans Hermann at Daytona.
The end results of his efforts has created a truly impressive showpiece that has actually
been on display at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta GA and remains there today.

A very convincing replica down to period style tires and modified Porsche wheels.

The road wear from use in the film only adds to the effect.

This is not your average replica, or your traditionally sketchy movie props.

The production company reportedly spent in the realm of $150-175k each on these cars just in construction
and then the current owner has gone deep into chasing original details and improving it greatly.

Removable steering wheel for easy access,
Porsche 917 style custom layered wood shift knob.

When used in the LeMans scenes this car was Yellow and White
Its current livery being the blue and grey.

Anyway, back to the beast that is under that beauty.
This is a full race car tube frame with adjustable coil over suspension
multi link rear end, four wheel Wilwood disc brakes.

It is powered by a brand new crate EJ25 Subaru engine which is matted to 5 speed Gearbox.
This is rated at approx 160-170 hp in a car that weighs roughly 1200 pounds.

After filming, the cars were liquidated through private sale by the picture car captain from the film.
A certificate of authenticity will be provided to the buyer.

The current owner went nuts on having all the little details correct and we had the pleasure to help him source parts and Label everything correct.
The film provided many of the details such as the period markings on the harnesses.

The German language tape labels on all controls and period logos on the coils seated in the factory racer locations were all added afterwards.

There is a cool film that has been done on this car and its owner.


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The film as well as these photos truly show the car in its element.

The seller is including the props and details and has even gone deeper
in acquiring one of the actual driver suits from the film as well as tons of additional film related information
and documentation.

The helmet is period correct in style, the gloves as well.

We got in contact with the original drivers of the actual #15 Porsche 906 at Daytona. Hans Herman und Heribert Linge.
Both signed a brass plaque that can be affixed to the dashboard.

The body is all bonded fiberglass and the molds were made and used only for the film.
This is not a car that you will see reproduced again and only two exist in the short tail format.

Even the proper Daytona gate pass is in the window!


906, Movie Car


EJ25 Subaru engine



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