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VW Golf 1 GLS

  • 11.000 km
  • 1 owner + complete history
  • untouched original

VW Golf “das Auto”

Are there any words left about the worlds most known car?
Billions of words have been said and billions of emotions people over the world experienced with, in, on the Golf… since decades… almost 2 generations.

Lots of things and stories happened to the Golf and we can all remember it somehow, because either you had one yourself, the neighbor, the girlfriend, the boss…

It all started in 1974 when vw introduced the Golf as “the car”.

There were different types of the Golf and one for the demanding customers, the GLS:

This offered Golf 1 GLS 1.6 was first delivered to Switzerland through the swiss VW and Porsche importeur AMAG in 1977.
The first owner only drove it 11.300km untill 1997 and deregistered it.
So it remained until today in its brilliant, original and untouched condition.

Enjoy this walkaround video of this beautifull survivor:


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As you can see in the pictures below this Golf has all the papers, documents, servicebook, etc. how it was first delivered to the 1st owner.

It appears in rare bahama blue metallic with a beige interieur and the rare brown dashboard.
Opening the doors and watching the interieur it feels like travelling back in 1977 and receiving a factory brand new car. No scratches, cracks,… everything looks and smells like new.

The chrome shows now rust and the paint shows thickness measurements between 70 to 120, what proves this Golf as an accident free first paint car.

The floor still shows the factory sealing with no rust comming through.

The engine starts right up, runs smooth and the gearbox does its perfect job.

This Golf is reanimated to a perfect technical condition with original VW-parts and completely serviced it with all the necessary things like:

  • new oil and filter
  • new gearbox oil
  • new timing belt incl. water pump
  • new brakes and all hoses
  • new gasoline hoses
  • new sparkplugs

The wheel bearings were also reworked, as were the plastic bushings in the shift linkage, which tend to age and break.

The car was presented to the TÜV who would certify the Golf a Tüv without defects.

All taxes to import it from Switzerland to Germany/EU are paid.

This Golf is now ready for you to travel back to where the story of the Golf begann.

So this Golf is a real so called “barnfind” with only 1 owner in the documents.

Be sure: such a daily driver`s car with a factory sunroof in that untouched original and brilliant condition is probably nowhere to find anymore.

Convince yourself with the pictures below, place your bid, and enjoy this piece of contemporary history.

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4 in line


Golf 1 GLS 1.6


bahama blue metallic






11.481 km


Berlin / Germany

Guide Price

€ 24.000 – 29.000

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