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1974 Ford Falcon “V8 Interceptor”

  • German Registration and Road Legal 
  • „The last V8″
  • Pursuit Special (Black on Black BoB)


In 1979, George Miller’s End Time Trilogy drew a picture of a dystopian future in which civilisation is collapsing and sadistic rock gangs are ready to kill for a drop of petrol. Motorised gangs rule the streets, murders and hold-ups in the open are the order of the day. The local police (MFP – Main Force Patrol), no less brutal, wage an almost hopeless war against marauders and biker gangs. Ex-cop Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) ensures justice in this post-apocalyptic world. After a motorbike gang takes his family away from him, he sticks out as a one-man army through the “Wasteland”. The young Gibson plays the leading role in the first two Mad Max films, but the real star is his vehicle is the 600 hp Ford Falcon XB “Pursuit Special” V8 Police Interceptor. Better known as “The Last V8”. The police car of the Main Force Patrol.

The V8 Interceptor, also known as a Pursuit Special, is driven by Max Rockatansky at the end of Mad Max and for the first half of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

The original movie car is based on a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe, which was modified to become a police interceptor by the Main Force Patrol. The original vehicle also makes an appearance in Mad Max: Fury Road and is later modified into an off-road bare metal version called the Razor Cola.

In George Miller’s Australian cult film “Mad Max 1” from 1979, Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) drives the black Ford Falcon with 600 supercharged horsepower (The last V8) as an MFP policeman.

This original 1974 Ford Falcon XB Coupé was imported from New South Wales/Australia in 1998. It was discovered by the seller as a base model in 2007 in Berlin. He purchased the Falcon and built up a movie correct car for the next 3 years. The add-on parts were made by the Mad Max specialists from in Seattle/CA. The Weiand Blower with the Scott Intake came from Australia.

During the rebuilt the Car was repainted in matt and glossy black as the original Car. It received a new brake master cylinder, upholstery, carpets, door trim, poly bushings on the front axle, springs in front, shock absorbers. Exhaust (Zoomies) with electric flap exhaust.

As the built-up of the Car is now almost 10 years ago, the Car shows small signs of usage. 
There are some light paint bubbles in places on the hood, some of the cockpit electrics created there own way of life,  ignition key got stuck in the lock, seat adjustment is difficult. The Weiand Compressor is not functional (like in the movie), but it is prepared for electrical activation

The car has been approved by the TÜV in Germany via an individual acceptance test and has a H-registration (Historical Vehicle Registration)  since 2010. 

The look of the whole Car is aimed at the condition of the Police Interceptor in the first part of the Mad Max trilogy.

It is the only known and street legal Mad Max Recreation in Europe.

Here are the main Specs:

  • German Registration and Road Legal 
  • TÜV till 07/2022
  • original 1974 Ford Falcon XB Coupé.
  • Right Hand Drive
  • 351 cui Cleveland V8
  • 750 Holley Double Pumper
  • Engine Rebuilt by Ford Australia (2001)
  • 350 PS
  • 4-speed-Gearboxel
  • ectronic Fuel Pump
  • E-Cooler
  • Arcadipane Front GFK
  • Hood Pins
  • BMW Headlamps
  • Wheel Arches GFK
  • Spoiler GFKRoof Spoiler GFK
  • Weiand 6-71 Blower (non functional)
  • Original Blower Switch
  • Scott Injector Hat 
  • MFP Sticker Set
  • Octuple Zoomies Exhaust (electronically connectable)
  • 7×15 and 10×15 Cragar wheels
  • Rimlocks
  • BF Goodrich 235/60-15 and 295/50-15Ford
  • 3 Spoke Steering Wheel
  • Blue MFP Beacon
    The Car is said to be Rust Free and ready for the next Pursuit.

This is not a Trailor Queen, it was built to be driven, which the current owner did on a regular basis throughout Hamburg and its Countryside.  So expect to have some maintenance work to enjoy the Last V8. For us, this is always the best way to start bonding with a Car.

Here you find an in Detail Story about the built up by the Owner. Sorry, German only.

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Here you find 15 min. of the original V8 Interceptor in Mad Max 1&2


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Falcon "V8 Police Interceptor"


351 cui Cleveland V8


5766 ccm


600 moviehorsepower




glossy and matt black


Hamburg / Altes Land


USA / East Coast € 2500, USA / West Coast € 3200, Australia Sydney € 3500

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Helge Thomsen
3 years 4 months ago

Hallo, aufgrund der vielen speziellen Anfragen ein paar Infos zum Auto:
Er ist historisch zugelassen, fährt und bremst. Deutscher Tüv. Die Auspuffklappen sind elektrisch. Getriebe etwas hakelig, 4-Gang Toploader. Die Cockpit Elektrik funktioniert nicht, der Heizungskühler ist abgeklemmt (unwichtig in der klima-erwärmten Zukunft). Die Reifen sind nicht mehr die neuesten, haben aber ausreichend Profil. Der Teppich und die Sitze sind neuwertig. Das Auto hat keine Durchrostungen. Original movie korrektes Blaulicht.
Seit 14 Jahren in meinem Besitz. Weitere Fragen beantworte ich gerne!

Hello, due to the many special requests a little info about the car:
It is historically registered, runs and brakes. German Tüv. The exhaust flaps are electric. Transmission a little bit sticky, 4 speed top loader. Cockpit electrics don’t work, heater radiator is disconnected (unimportant in the climate warmed future). Tires are no longer the newest, but have sufficient tread. The carpet and seats are like new. The car has no rust through. Original movie correct blue light.
In my possession for 14 years. I will be happy to answer any further questions!

3 years 4 months ago

Thank you @Helge for adding this additional information.

3 years 4 months ago

Aufgrund vieler Anfragen zu dem Auto und zu der Auktion, haben wir uns entschlossen die Notfall Auktions Interessenten Telefonnummer einzurichten. Ruft uns an untere +49 176 62433453‬.

Due to many enquiries about the car and the auction, we have decided to set up the emergency auction phone number. Call us at +49 176 62433453.

1 year 3 months ago

Any news about this car?

1 year 3 months ago

Hello @Ivan the new owner thinks of selling it again. Are you interested? Write us at