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User Manual

This is our User Manual. The User Manual shows you how the auctions & bidding work. In the Rules of Comment link, you see our Guidelines for the Comments Section.

  • How does the Auction work?
  • How does the Bidding work?
  • After the auction?
  • How to auction a Vehicle?

We have answered many more questions in our User FAQ.

Bid in just a few steps!

1. Register for free

Sign up for free on to bid. No hidden costs or fees.

2. Add Payment infos

In order to bid you must deposit your credit card details. This ensures high security for all.

3. Start bidding

And you can start bidding on Check out our current auctions.

User Manual

How does the Auction work?

Every auction features a representative description, photos, additional Documents, Videos and further features to make sure to get great results. 

On each auction, the participants can discuss on our Comment threat. Sellers are encouraged to be active participants in answering arising questions. This will increase bidder confidence. 

The seller is always able to lower his reserve during the auction. Just drop us a line at Lower Reserve.

How does the Bidding work?

First, you must register to bid

  • All bids a verified upfront through our Payment Solution Partner to ensure the commitment of potential buyers. If you are the winning bidder, a 9,6% Sales Commission ( min € 250 ) is deducted from your Bank Account. 
  • We created a special Text message Service for you. You receive instant updates directly on your phone about your Bids placed, if you were outbid or if the auction is ending soon.
  • The auction clock extends by two minutes each time a Bid is placed within the last two minutes. The auction is over as soon as the two minutes have elapsed after the last bid was placed. 
  • We recommend all potential buyers to read the listings carefully, go through the Comments section and ask a question to the seller prior to the auction’s end

After the auction?

  • As soon as the auction ends and the reserve is met, GyC provides the Seller and the Winning Bidder with each other’s contact Details
  • The Buyer and the Seller work together to complete the transaction and arrange to ship. GyC is happy to assist and answer questions during this process. 
  • If the reserve is not met during the auctions, we will send the Details of the highest bidder to the Seller in hope that they can make out a deal.  

How to auction a Vehicle?

All Vehicles have to be sent through our Submissions page. Find it here.

We will go through the details of the Car, check your Reserve price and some other Factors and respond to you within 48 hours. 

We will go through the details of the Car, check your Reserve price and some other Factors and respond to you within 48 hours. 

After your Car is chosen the seller and a GyC Member will work out the correct description for the Car.