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We check every Car based on different factors. These Factors include condition, notability, history, quality of information, requested reserve price and quality of the photos.

Live Auctions

We run Live auctions 24/7. Our online Auctions are “increasing bid” auctions or English Auction. When the reserve price is met, the highest bidder wins the auction.

GYC Experts

We are available to the seller before, during and after the auction and help with the smooth running of the auction. We answered many questions in our seller FAQ.

Your car on Getyourclassic

  1. You submit your vehicle.
  2. We accept the ones that fit.
  3. We write the auction listing with your assistance.
  4. You approve the listing.
  5. Your listing goes live.
  • Personal information

  • Car details

  • What is the least reasonable offer you would accept?
  • Tell us about your car
  • Please load up to 16 images of your car for the initial submission.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 64 MB, Max. files: 16.

    Seller Questions

    How much does it cost to list my car at a Getyourclassic Auction?

    Sellers list with us for free and receive 100% of the achieved hammer price.

    How do I submit my car and what happens afterward?

    You submit your vehicle by clicking the “ Sell with us “. Here you send us all the information about your Car. After submitting, our Team will review your submission and get back to you. This usually takes two business days. If your Car is accepted for the auction an Auction Specialist will be assigned to you. Together we will assemble your listing based on the information provided.

    How long does it take for my vehicle to go live?

    Usually, it takes about 1 weeks from submission to being live on the site. The more information you provide us, the faster it is online.

    How do I get paid after the auction? What happens after the auction?

    Getyourclassic acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The payment for a vehicle won on GyC is handled between the buyer and the seller. After the auction is ended, the winning bidder and seller will receive each other’s contact information via email and can work out the best way for them.

    How do you choose which cars to accept?

    We choose the cars to be listed on Getyourclassic based on different factors. These Factors include condition, notability, history, quality of information, requested reserve price, quality of photos.

    Does the location of the car matter?

    We consider vehicles from anywhere in the world.

    How long does an auction last?

    Auctions typically start and end on weekdays, with regular listings live on the site for 7 days.

    How does a reserve Prize work?

    The reserve price is the minimum price that a vehicle will sell for. We work together to find reasonable reserve prices, and avoid vehicles with reserves that are not realistic. We do not show or communicate the Reserve Prices and do not announce when the reserve is met. 

    Can I edit my listing?

    Once you complete your submission you cannot edit it anymore. Nevertheless, if you want to add more information and photos after the initial correspondence send us an email to

    Who writes the listing?

    After your vehicle is accepted we will assemble your listing based on your provided information. We will also monitor your auction and assist with any questions that may arise.

    Can I relist my car if it doesn’t sell?

    We don’t like to re-list a vehicle on if it doesn’t sell. Nevertheless, it will be displayed in our virtual Showroom in the for sale section to work out a deal thereafter and find a new Owner.

    How does shipping work?

    The buyer has to arrange the Shipping. We have a couple of partners that we can recommend and assist you to find the right partner. Drop us a line if you have questions about shipping at

    Can I lower my reserve Price?

    Yes. You can always lower the reserve on your vehicle at any time during your live auction. Just contact us at

    Can I cancel my auction once it’s live?

    No, we do not cancel auctions. Additionally, listings on Getyourclassic are exclusive. During the time of the auctions, all other ads need to be taken down. 

    How do I take good photos of my car?

    Good photos are key to the success of an auction. We put together a 10 step photo guide to help you take photos of your vehicle. See the 10 step shooting guide here

    I am a horrible photographer, can you recommend help?

    Of course! We have a good Network of Professional and Amateur photographers. Just contact us at

    I have another question

    If you are still having problems, please email us at and let us know the specific problem you’re having.