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Rules of Comment is a professional, high-quality site and we want to assure high-quality content to all our customers.

Rule #1: Be constructive, not negative.

  • to say something is ugly, stupid or even sucks is easy. 
  • to say how you might improve it is more valuable end helpful. 
  • when you can specify what is wrong and how it might be fixed is the coolest.

Rule #2: Experience counts.

  • Other readers take your opinion seriously, if it is a result of experience.
  • Helpful is knowledge about a car`s particular history or the make and model.
  • Let people know your specs of expertise and where you got it from.

Rule #3: Talk about the objects, not each other.

  • Content is king
  • Be respectful and beware of insulting.
  • You may correct the content of others, but be polite.
  • Adverse comments may get deleted by GyC.
  • Misbehaviour may exclude you from GyC.

Rule #4: The market sets the price.

  • We live in a free market, where the seller and buyer set the price.
  • to say something is too expensive is easy.
  • to show comparable sales or offers is helpful.

Rule #5: no comments please before you haven`t read the others.

  • Digital equivalence to “listen before you speak”

Rule #6: Car facts only

  • No buying, selling, or contact information allowed in comments.
  • Posted email-addresses, phone numbers, or “want-to-buys” will be removed.
  • GyC is not a “who-knows-what” or “who-has-it” forum.
  • If you have a car to sell, just submit it via the submission form.