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VW Baja Beetle

Original Baja Beetle

Faster than Hoonitron

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1969 Baja Beetle

Baja Beetles are off-road Beetles modified for desert racing with increased ground clearance. The first Baja Beetles rolled through California at the end of the 1960s.
The Baja Beetle was originally built in Southern California from 1969 to 1975 as a low-cost answer to the successful VW Buggy from the mid-1960s, e.g. the Meyers Manx.

The first Baja Bug is said to have been built by Gary Emory of Parts Obsolete in around 1968. Dave Deal, the famous Californian cartoonist, is said to have used it for the first time in a competition, in the Mexican 1000 in 1968. The first GRP Baja (Bug Eye Kit) was not introduced until 1969 by the Miller-Havens Company.

Prior to the introduction of GRP parts, enthusiasts and racers simply converted an old VW Beetle’s body and engineering to make it suitable for rough terrain. The front mudguards and side panels of the car were partially cut off, resulting in higher ground clearance and greater suspension travel. These cars were known as Cut Baja.

This Baja Beetle is an original vehicle that was built around 1975 for the Baja 1000 off-road race. The car was built for racing by the Orange County-based company “Giese Racing Engines”.

During it`s active time it started at several races until put aside in the Desert. It was found in 2021 and brought to Europe. After reworking and upgrading the technical components it first appeared in 2022 at the GP ICE RACE “Iceolated” Edition.

After some learnings the Baja was upgraded with new Shocks. “We found out the hard way that the shocks are not working” .

For Powerincrease the engine was upgraded to a 100PS Limbach-VW Engine. For this year`s F.A.T. Icerace the Car was prepared for Skijöring together with Mate Boer.









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