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BMW E34 M5 3.6

  • rare sports saloon
  • rare colour combination
  • Full option package

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The BMW M5 is considered the forefather of all modern sports saloons.

While the first generation, with only 3019 examples, was still an insider’s tip for sporty, wealthy drivers of the 1980s, the successor of the E34 model, which was still handcrafted, was many times more successful in selling to the public.

However, compared to the 1,331,056 BMW 5 Series built in this era, the 11,989 units of the M5 according to BMW are still very few.

BMW M5 E34: total production 11.989 Stück

BMW M5 3.6 Limousine: 3019 Stück (gebaut 8/1988-8/1992)
BMW M5 3.8 Limousine: 8079 Stück (gebaut 9/1992-8/1995)
BMW M5 3.8 Touring: 891 Stück (gebaut 9/1992-8/1995)

This Calypsorot BMW M5 E34 is one of the rare first version of the sports saloon. It is even rarer with the color combination of calypsorot with champagne interior.

See this old brochure :

BMW M5 Brochure

This M5 is in very good overall condition. It is unrestored and original!

The VIN Number says that it was built on the 31.10.1991. The first registration though was in 1994 in the Sultanate of Oman.

The model is the so called Gulf version. These were produced for the countries of the Persian Gulf. It is equipped with almost all features offered for E34 at that time. This is the list of options that were ordered with the Car.

0240 Steering wheel, leather
0302 Alarm system
0354 Windscreen, green-tinted upper strip
0401 Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric
0416 Roller sun visor, rear lateral
0423 Floor mats velours
0459 Seat adjustment, electric, with memory
0500 Headl.washer system/intensive cleaning
0534 Automatic air conditioning
0540 Cruise control
0564 Interior light package
0661 Radio BMW Business (C43)
0676 HiFi speaker system
0690 Cassette holder
0818 Battery master switch
0822 Gulf version
0823 Hot-climate version
0850 Dummy-SALAPA
0853 Language version, English
0860 Additional turn indicator lamp
0899 Optical signalling for anti-theft alarm
0925 Dummy-SALAPA

There is a lot of paperwork collected from 1994 and the following years.

The car was owned by a retired Royal air force pilot and was used for long distance travel. Fully serviced on time and only at the official BMW dealerships. The only non original part on the car is the rear muffler which was changed.

It was imported to Bulgaria from the UK by the current owner in 2017.

Everything is in working order. The only part that needed to be completely overhauled are self levelling shocks on the rear, which unfortunately aren’t offered new original at BMW anymore.

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Bulgaria, Sofia

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