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Citroen DS 21 Chapron

  • original Chapron convertible
  • recent restauration
  • highly desirable


The DS was first presented to the public at the 1955 Paris Motor Show. The public was truly ecstatic, which led to a huge number of orders of 80,000 in the first week after the unveiling.


It was only in 1956 that production could begin. In the same year, a more simple version, the ID, was launched. The DS/ID came in three body styles: a sedan, a station wagon and later a convertible.

Henri Chapron, a French coachbuilder, came up with a two-door coupe and cabriolet based on the DS three years after its much-talked-about introduction. Because Citroen was impressed by the cabriolet, it was decided to include it in the programme of the French manufacturer, to sign a contract with Chapron for its production, and it was simply included in the brochure next to the sedan and break. Between 1961 and 1971, 1,253 units were to be built based on the DS and 112 based on the cheaper ID. Initially, complete sedans were delivered to Chapron for conversion; later, semi-finished products were delivered. Because the conversion was time-consuming, the cabriolet became very pricey, namely about twice the price of the four-door variant in 1961.

This Citroën DS21 Cabriolet dates from the sought-after 1967 model year, in which Citroën still offered the original front end with round headlights and already the modern, reliable “green” (LHM) hydraulic fluid. The cabriolet was completely rebuilt in France on the basis of a new chassis by cabriolet expert Philippe Clunet. The structure and body of this cabriolet correspond to the original cabriolets of the time, as they were built by the carrossier Henri Chapron – largely by hand – as factory cabriolets for the manufacturer Citroën. In this respect, the DS Cabriolet for sale is a new production. The serial and chassis numbers of this cabriolet originate from an original DS21 cabriolet from 1967, whose chassis and body could no longer be used for restoration due to lack of sufficient substance (a Chapron certificate to this effect is available).

The history of the original convertible is largely known and can be substantiated by corresponding contemporary documents.

At the request of the customer who commissioned the rebuilding of the vehicle, the cabriolet – deviating from the original version of this cabriolet – was provided with some special equipment and modifications:

– Special paint in red with pearl effect (paint from German production).

– Beige leather interior with matching red piping and leather steering wheel

– Electric windows in front

– Triangular front windows that can be opened from the inside by means of a crank mechanism

– Contemporary original radio with electric telescopic aerial

– Windscreen wipers with two speed settings and electric windscreen washer system

– 5-speed manual gearbox (instead of the usual 4-speed gearbox of the time)

– Dashboard with Jaeger round instruments

– Roller headrests on the front seats as well as on the backrest of the rear seat (the latter can also be used with the top closed)

– Modern, reliable alternator with integrated charge controller

– Compared to the original, various parts were made of stainless steel, especially in corrosion-sensitive areas.

For health reasons, the customer was no longer able to take possession of his DS Cabriolet as planned. Atelier Clunet then completed the cabriolet on its own, gave it a final technical check-up and is now offering it for sale.


The 4-cylinder DX engine originally installed in this convertible has been completely rebuilt and fitted with a new cylinder head. Since the work was completed, the vehicle has driven approximately 2,000 km. Over this distance, the engine was run in according to the factory specifications of the time, so that the convertible is in perfect running order for the new owner.

It goes without saying that the Citroën-typical hydraulics were completely reinstalled in the course of the rebuild of this convertible – this also includes all aggregates, such as the high-pressure brake system, the power steering, the height-adjustable chassis with level compensation as well as the suspension elements.

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DS 21 Chapron


4 Zylinder Otto








Germany, Lübeck

Guide Price

€ 165.000 – 180.000

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