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Meyers Manx Pre Tag

  • Very early Pre Tag Manx
  • Built by Bruce himself
  • Moviecar


This Manx was produced in 1966, regarding the VIN Number of the Chassis. Which makes it a very early Version of the Manx Buggy. It was bought and used by the Movie Star Chuck Connors in the TV Show a Cowboy in Afrika. It is said that Bruce Meyers wasn`t really a Fan of Chuck.


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After the show endet the Manx was put up for sale and bought by Italian Edilio Rusconi, who was the Owner of the publishing house “Rusconi Editori” When the Manx arrived in Italy and was registered in Milan on the 2.7.1970 it already featured the still in place Porsche 356 Engine. Mr. Rusconi owned the Car until his passing away in 1996. After his passing the unique Meyers Manx was bought by Italian Artist Franco Bellucci. He is the one who changed the color from the Yuma Yellow Gelcode to the now featured red/white/blue color sheme. Luckily he did not change the Iconic wheels and search lights as already used in the show, a Cowboy in Africa. It was than registered and certified by Bruce Meyers as the original Car.

In 2017 the Buggy changed hands again and was driven in Monte Carlo before it found its way to a Collection in Austria.




Meyers Manx

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