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Offroad 911

  • serious offroad Porsche
  • Based on Safari and Dakar Cars
  • ready to flat out

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“Roads? Where we`re going we don`t need roads!”

In March 1978 Porsche drove one of the hardest rallyes in the world: the East African Safari. With a 911SC 3.0 Björn Waldegård und Hans Thorszelius reached even a place in top 10.

4.691km in 94 hours full of dust and mud.

In 1983 Jacky Ickx suggested Porsche to drive the Paris Dakar.

So Peter Falk and Roland Kussmaul developed the 911 3.2 4x4with 330hp.

Porsche sent three 911 3.2 4×4, inside called the 953, to start the toughest Rallye on 1. January 1984. Jacky Ickx had an electrical breakdown and after that repair, during the night his chase began: from position 139 in 14 days to position 6. His Team driver René Metge won the Paris Dakar.

“Roads? Where we`re going we don`t need roads!”

That is what the two professional Porsche mechanics from Berlin thought when the idea was born to get a “off track // off road” Porsche 911.

Should it be a 1978 East African Safari 911 or a 1984 Paris Dakar 911(953)? It finally became a 1984 Paris Dakar, with a little flair of the 1978 East African Safari 911.

With more than 25 years of professional experience in Porsche Motorsports and professional off-road adventures, the historical research at Zuffenhausen began.

Based on this research and their documents the reconstruction started.

Down to the raw metal, the chassis had been adapted to the complete new engineered suspension, transmission, wheels and underrun protection.
Before you ask: NO it is NOT a 4WD. Don`t you want to have fun?

For comfort reasons, they engineered a power steering.

Even the Interieur shows a lot of comfort with heated Porsche full leather seats and a complete leather interior.

The built in WARN winch helps you if you may get stuck.

Below the roof rack, you even find a sunroof.

This reconstruction is based on a 1983 3.2 Carrera, the same model as Peter Falk and Roland Kussmaul used back then in 1983.

The decision of the 1987 3.2 engine with 217 HP is based on unleaded fuel.

The gearbox is especially off road adapted.

The suspension is a special, adjustable system built with generations of experience.

All constructions are made to last.

This Porsche received an off road stage 3 Kit. Stage 3 is the most you can do by still staying “original”. Stage 1 is what you see a lot on those little lifted Porsches with little bigger wheels and no adapted gearbox and non adapted axles. Stage 2 has adapted gearbox and axles and that’s where the high costs and the engineering starts. So this off road 911 is in stage 3 development. It is the ultimate level to achieve. Everything is adjusted in lots of hours of detailed testings not fearing the costs. This 911 stage 3 is a professional off road car.

This 911 even wears the german “historical plate”, certified from the highest department of DEKRA Motorsport Germany.

What an honour after 3 years of constructing.

You may have seen some other “higher” Offroad 911 before, but lots of those are more to look at than to really go Off-Road.

This is the perfect family Porsche.

  •  you can go anywhere, any time, any weather

  • The Roof Rack holds Bikes, a sled or a Christmas Tree.

  •  you don`t waste time in polishing, just park below a lawn sprinkler and hang it, with the warn, in a tree to dry

Facing the fact the two engineers constructed it for them selves you see every detail has been made with love on a high level of German engineering.

This 911 is not a showcar!

This is for flat out in the forrest!

Gets delivered unwashed ;o)


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€ 220.000 – 250.000

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Vipul Shah
3 years 6 months ago

Could you describe the adapted Axle and gearbox in better depth.

3 years 6 months ago

Dear Vipul Shah,
after lots of tests we fknally found a combination of gear ratio and synchronisations especially between the first 2 gears for the crawling mode. Finding the balance between crawling and high speed settings. A good performance off road is not won only by speed. We experienced a lot vehicles who could only manage parcours with speed, but that wasn’t our ambition. That doesn’t mean this 911 is slow… noooo… you can go reeeeally fast, no matter what terrain. Of course going over 200 on a highway is a little difficult, but off track it is a lot of controlled fun. And there we come to the axles. If you just higher it up you totally change the geometric driving performance. So we engineered lots of adapting parts to get the right performance without loosing the typical Porsche driving characters.
Lots of documentations out of the archives helped, but it took a long way to get there. I don’t wanna talk bad about other highered vehicles or 911s, but our ambition was to build a car that does not only show, we wanted that it could really go and could stand mud n dirt. Please excuse not to spread every detail into the world.
Our ambition was to build it to last and achieving the german historical plate was the biggest honor.
So if you look for a 911,with the typical Porsche reliability, that not anybody drives: this is the one.
The car is on sale because of a new project.