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Porsche 911 RS Leichtbau

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The 1973 Porsche 911 RS: An Automotive Symphony

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If you’re the kind of person who thinks the perfect symphony is more pistons and petrol than piccolos and pianos, let me introduce you to the maestro of the motoring world: the 1973 Porsche 911 RS. It’s the kind of car that would make Beethoven throw his piano out of the window in a fit of Teutonic jealousy.

Fotocredit @Porsche Newsroom

Let’s start with the looks, shall we? The 1973 911 RS doesn’t just look like it’s going fast, it looks like it’s breaking the sound barrier even when it’s parked. With its iconic ducktail spoiler, which, let’s face it, looks like something a 13-year-old would draw in his exercise book, it somehow manages to be absolutely ridiculous and absolutely perfect at the same time.


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Underneath the sleek, German-developed body is a 2.7-litre engine. I know what you’re thinking: “2.7 litres? My lawnmower has a bigger engine than that! But that’s not just any engine. This is a Porsche engine. It’s like comparing a finely tuned violin with a banjo. It’s air-cooled, which means it doesn’t so much purr as it emits a mechanical symphony that could bring tears to the eyes of even a hardened biker gang member.

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Driving the 911 RS is like strapping yourself into a very angry, very fast rocket from Stuttgart. The acceleration is not just rapid, it’s like being kicked in the back by an angry horse. And the driving behaviour? It’s as if the car is reading your mind. Or, more precisely, as if it reads your thoughts and then does something that is even better than what you were thinking.


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This Porsche 911 RS with the VIN 9113601095 was delivered in the colour sea blue with the M code 471 Leichtbau and was first registered in Germany on 02.08.1973.
All the typical parts for a 911 RS “lightweight construction” were identified.

These are:

  • Gearbox support with spot welds for reinforcement
  • Engine 11/83
  • Aluminium brake callipers
  • Steel swing arms
  • Plastic tank
  • Belt suspension supports and original belts
  • Rev counter up to 8000 rpm
  • Tacho bis 300 kmh
  • Cover next to speedometer, instead of clock
  • Glove compartment lid missing
  • Jacking point

After a crash in the 80ties, the Car was restored at the company Heinz Bubetz in 1985. For the restoration, the Body of Porsche Carrera RS with the VIN Number 9113600729 was used for the rebuild. This RS had the same specs as 9113601095 and was originally delivered in Hellgelb. By the time of the restoration, the Donor Body was repainted in white. Here is an excerpt from the recently done expertise:

According to the documents submitted, it can be assumed that the restored Porsche 911 Carrera RS Leichtbau in question with the newly fitted body is a vehicle with the typical characteristics of a 911 Carrera RS Leichtbau. It is therefore highly probable that it is the former chassis number 9113600729.
The metal part with the original chassis number mentioned in the description was submitted.
The production number of the donor body is also in the correct place and appears to be original.
In addition, traces of the original light yellow paintwork can still be seen on the bodywork.

In 2011 the Car was sold to France and in 2012 the Owner started to bring the Car back to its delivery specs and paint it back to Seeblau.

While stripping down the white paint, the original colour of the Donor Body, Hellgelb, could clearly be seen.

After the body was stripped and the Car was painted back in Seeblau, it was shown at Techno Classica in 2014 and won 2nd place for best restoration.

Since that time it is registered in France and only saw a few miles of driving.

The engine Number matches the Vin Number of 9113601095.

This is the rare opportunity for an original 911 RS Leichtbau.

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