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Porsche 911 T Safari

  • very original condition
  • matching numbers
  • Non-destructive retrofittable


Porsche 911

Is there anything left to say?
The stunning performance on road and track is already famous, what everybody knows.

A Porsche already means “driving in its most beautiful form,” but performing with it off-road is something special.
Porsche also succeeded in off road competitions with his 911 Safaris.

Have an impression of this 911 Safari with this video:


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This offered 1973 Porsche 911 T
in it`s original light ivory leaves no questions unanswered.
The 911 has matching numbers and matching colors and is a great original vehicle.
Special features like color glazing and the heated rear window underline the value.
The interior was in amazingly original, good condition which is why the original seat covers have been preserved and only the interior of the seats have been refinished.
The underbody is preserved unwelded in original which makes the mileage likely, but not proven.
The speedometer was showing 88.000 miles before the plate was switched into the km/h-plate. All original documents such as Title and on-board folder and even the on-board tools are still present.
It was imported from the USA 10 years ago and stored dry in a dark hall.
The current owner is a professional classic car coachbuilder working very close with the Porsche Classic department.
He recognized the very good and original condition of the 911. After the examination he decided to preserve the most possible originality of the vehicle.
For this purpose, the vehicle was disassembled in loving detail and all functions were checked and repaired if necessary.
The underbody was dry ice blasted and resealed only in damaged underbody areas.
The body is only partially repainted and shows no visible color deviations. Before the paint was applied, extra color samples were made to match the correct color. Afterwards the 911 was professionally polished and refurbished.
The steering wheel was refurbished with new leather to match the original and the headliner was renewed.
All wear parts on the chassis and engine were renewed in detail as for example the bushings of the wishbones and the swords on the rear axle.
This 911 shows up in very good condition. The gaps fit, engine starts right up and runs smooth and the gearbox does its precisely job. Even the injection pump had been correct adjusted and its belt renewed. Steering and axles show no play what seperates this beautifull 911 from those worn out old models.
Invoices prove the work and the appraisal confirms the value at 112.000€.
Original vehicles show themselves over decades most stable in value.

Why not doing something new without destroying the originality?

Here it is:

The main task in this project was to maintain the originality to preserve the value of this beautiful original 911.

All rebuilds were done in painstaking detail so you can restore it to its original condition completely non-destructively and without damage.

The highering was done without touching the fenders to create enough space and the new all terrain M+S Fedima tyres manage the ways off road and on road perfect.
This safari recreation now stands on the Porsche Fuchs repro Maxilite rims with the size 7 x 15″, but the 5 (incl. spare tire) original date stamped (11/72) undamaged 6J 15″ original Fuchs rims with Vredestein Sprint Classic tires 185/70 HR 15 89H from 2019 come with the 911.

The added lights on the roof are fully functional, but are not connected, so that the wiring does not destroy the originality. When buying can be gladly discussed with the workshop how the auxiliary headlights for them to be connected. This is of course included in the price.

The black front trunk lid was only covered with foil as a design element. It can be removed without leaving any residue.

This 911 even has an H license plate, is Tüv approved and is ready for your adventure.
All conversions such as the elevation and the tires are of course registered in the papers.

The all over impression is, that this is a very solid and reliable Porsche 911 with the 2.4 L engine and the fuel injection. Thanks to the fuel injection, the 911 T with its 140 hp is just as sporty as a 911 S and shows enough power off the road.

A 911 T is even much more comfortable in everyday use instead of the much more sensitive 911 S what made the decision clear to use it for this Safari… for your every day use… anywhere.

If you need a new adventure with this unique 911 without having to fear the value, THIS IS IT!

Convince yourself with the pictures below, bid… win… and go… ANYWHERE!

See here the interieur:

See here the underneath:

And finally an excerpt of the documents


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The vehicle description is provided to the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief. We at Getyourclassic use our experience to work with the seller to provide a correct and accurate vehicle description. However, the bidder must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and make all necessary enquiries before placing a bid. Our General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively.








light ivory


flat 6


2.400 ccm




Hinterzarten / Germany

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