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Porsche 911 Targa

  • restoration Project
  • Cool colour combi
  • Targa Modell



Did you ever dream of restoring a Porsche 911 Targa in the rare colour of sepiabraun. Then this is your 1973 Porsche 911 T restoration project.

The current owner bought the Car with the intention to restore it himself. As life changes, plans change and he decided to let go of the project for someone else to finish.

He also decided to let go of the Car far below his purchase price.

The Car was purchased in America and brought to Germany.

A friend of ours inspected it to have a good understanding of the overall condition.

It is very likely that the Porsche had a respray several years ago. Probably there was an accident which included the front, the right side panel and the left back side.

Probably due to the Accident the front panel was replaced. The left front wing is painted thinner than the rest of the car, so we assume that it had to be replaced at the time as well.

In the boot, you can see the deformations on the right side panel.

The Porsche has very little rust. Only the typical spots on the front end (battery box on the left and cross member under the front) need to be treated/replaced.

There are dents all around, you would probably have to get the front bonnet new.

All in all, a typical Californian “garage find”!
It has been standing for a long time, the mechanics should be completely done. There is no service record.
The Car for sure has been painted at least once.
Almost no rust. This is your chance on a good restoration project for a 911 Targa in the very cool colour of Sepia braun.

The vehicle description is provided to the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief. We at Getyourclassic use our experience to work with the seller to provide a correct and accurate vehicle description. However, the bidder must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and make all necessary enquiries before placing a bid. Our General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively.






911, Targa


56.680, miles




flat 6






Germany, Weiden

Guide Price

€ 38.000 – 45.000

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