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Porsche 924 S Dakar

  • Dakar Conversion
  • Professionally built
  • Road Legal


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The Porsche 924 S is a classic sports car that embodies the essence of Porsche’s engineering excellence and driving pleasure. Introduced in the early 1980s, it’s a refined version of the original Porsche 924, featuring enhancements that elevate its performance and appeal.

Design-wise, the Porsche 924 S maintains the sleek and aerodynamic silhouette that Porsche is renowned for. Its low-profile stance, pop-up headlights, and smooth lines contribute to its timeless aesthetic. While it may not boast the aggressive styling cues of some of its siblings, its understated elegance has earned it a dedicated following among enthusiasts.

Under the hood, the Porsche 924 S packs a punch with its robust powertrain. It is equipped with a 2.5-liter inline-four engine, a significant upgrade over the original 924’s powerplant. This engine delivers spirited performance, with ample torque and a rev-happy nature that encourages spirited driving. The 924 S’s engine is typically mated to a manual transmission, offering precise gear shifts and an engaging driving experience.

On the road, the Porsche 924 S shines with its balanced handling and responsive steering. Its well-tuned suspension provides a dynamic driving experience, allowing drivers to confidently tackle corners and winding roads. Despite its age, the 924 S still offers a thrilling driving experience that enthusiasts appreciate.

Inside the cabin, the Porsche 924 S offers a comfortable and driver-focused environment. The cockpit is designed to prioritize the driver’s needs, with ergonomically positioned controls and supportive seats that hold occupants in place during spirited driving. While the interior may lack some modern amenities found in newer vehicles, its simplicity and focus on the driving experience add to its charm.

Overall, the Porsche 924 S is a testament to Porsche’s commitment to producing high-quality sports cars that deliver exhilarating performance and timeless style. With its blend of performance, handling, and classic design, the 924 S continues to capture the hearts of enthusiasts who appreciate a pure and engaging driving experience.

This Porchse 924 S was converted to an offroad fun Car by Vagabund Moto and IX XI Outlaw 

The Base Car was an original Porsche 924 S Targa with full Option and beige Cloth Interior.

The Conversion included

  • Liftkit front axle
  • Revised rear axle
  • New spring plates
  • Axle conversion incl. custom made parts
  • Bilstein shock absorber
  • 4x off-road tyres 205/70/15 (Bridgestone Dueler A/T)
  • Gold rims
  • Rally light setup with two HELLA Rallye 1000 and two Comet 500 lights
  • Custom-made roof rack
  • Custom-made aluminium front protection with underbody cover
  • Rubber mud flaps
  • Vagabund Safari design kit (UV-resistant stickers)
  • MOMO steering wheel
  • Individual short shifter from Nine Eleven Outlaw x Shark Motorsport
  • Installation and wheel alignment

The conversion makes the Car very versatile. Does not matter if you go on the Highways, rough Roads, Snowy Mountains a Skitrip with the family or a rally across Europe. You can do it in here.

The Car has German TÜV and historic number plates. Everything is Road Legal on the Car.


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924 S




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