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Porsche 993 4 S

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The Carrera 4S took its body from the Porsche Turbo. However, it did not get the turbocharger. Its wider rear wings and lower stance compared to the Carrera range made it a desirable car for Porsche fans. The windscreen was not very inclined and the rear sloping towards the end of the car formed a curved line together with the engine cover. A rear spoiler was fitted, which was automatically extended above 80 km/h (50 mph) or via a button in front of the gear lever.

The interior featured better sports seats with better support on the shoulders to keep the occupants in their seats during hard cornering. In the rear there were two seats, basically just to accommodate some bags but not people as they were very small and leg and headroom was limited. The instrument cluster had five dials, with the rev counter in the middle and the Carrera 4S logo on it. The air conditioning and stereo were mounted in line with the steering column.

The engine was the same 3.6-litre naturally aspirated engine, but was offered in the higher power range of 285 hp. The only transmission available was a 6-speed manual.

The 4S is also better equipped than a standard 993, as it comes standard with Full Leather (Porsche’s Full Leather includes the dashboard).

In mechanical terms, no improvements are made. The engine remains the 3.6 Varioram developing 285 hp (except for the optional X51 version) on the 4S. The 272 hp was never offered on the 4S.

Heavier by about 30 kilos than a standard 993, the 4S is therefore a little less powerful and a little more sluggish. The difference is minimal, however, unless you push the car to the limit.

The Porsche 993 was famous for its understeering behaviour. And this was also noticeable at lower speeds and on loose surfaces. Thanks to a new all-wheel drive system, the Carrera 4S was able to deal with this better and perform better on a rainy race track than its Carrera S sibling.

Number of units built: 6,948
Price when new: DM 158,100

This Porsche 993 4S is Modellyear 1997 and was built for the US and Canadian Market. Though it never left Europe and always stayed here. It left the factory in Classic Porsche black (L741) with Classic grey ( TT ) Leather interior.

It was optioned with the following Specs:

473: electric Seats left

438: electric seats right

445: coloured wheel emblem

454: automatische Geschwindigkeitsregulierung

490: Klangpaket inkl Verstärker

650: electric Sunroof

688: Radio

CO2: Catalytic Converter


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The Porsche had 3 Owners and is in good serviced condition. The hood and the front Fenders had a touch up respray due to stone chips some time ago. It was last registered in Germany. The Odometer shows 100.050 km. As it was a Canada Spec Car, it shows Miles, So the Actual Km are 160.000 km.

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993 4S




flat 6




160.000 km



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1 year 22 days ago

tachometer shows 100k Km, buut descriptioppn shows 160k km, which one is correct

1 year 21 days ago

Hi Silvio, the Car has original a miles Tach. The Face was changed to km/h.