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Volkswagen Beetle Split Window Convertible

  • rare first series
  • Frame-off restoration
  • Concours Condition

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Development on what would become known as the Beetle started in 1934, and by 1937, the Volkswagenwerk GmbH was officially established. However, instead of churning out the people’s car as intended, they got sidetracked making military vehicles during the war.

Fast forward to 1945, and finally, the Type 1 Beetle rolls off the production line. But it’s not quite available for your average Joe just yet. Nope, it’s reserved for the bigwigs and the British military. It’s not until ’48 that regular folks can get their hands on one. And boy, did they want it. The Beetle became a symbol of post-war recovery, offering a glimmer of hope in those austere times.

But let’s talk about the cabriolet, shall we? None of that standard tin-top business here. We’re talking open-top luxury in the form of the Hebmüller and Karmann versions. Hebmüller starts off strong with their elegant 2+2 seater, but unfortunately, fate has other plans, and a fire wipes out their operation. Enter Karmann, another coachbuilder with a knack for turning Beetles into drop-top delights. They come up with a four-window model, complete with a usable rear seat and a soft-top that folds neatly at the back. Volkswagen gives it the thumbs up, and before you know it, production is in full swing.

Now, let me regale you with the tale of this Volkswagen Beetle 1100 Cabriolet Karmann. This gem of automotive history hails from the rare first series Type 15 A, spanning the years ’49 to ’52. Built on a fine summer day, July 17th, 1951, in Osnabrück, it was swiftly dispatched to California, where it basked in the golden sunshine for most of its days until just nine years ago when it made its triumphant return to Europe.

Now, brace yourselves, because we’re talking about serious rarity here. The worldwide ‘Karmann’ registry counts a mere 165 Type 15 cabriolets, making them as rare as hen’s teeth and the holy grail for any collector worth their salt.

But wait, there’s more. Upon its European homecoming, this beauty underwent a full frame-off restoration. We’re talking about a complete overhaul from top to bottom – bodywork, mechanics, electrics, interior, you name it. And the dedication to originality is second to none. Every part either reclaimed or replaced with original or new-old stock Volkswagen pieces. The bodywork, oh, it’s a sight to behold – finished in a striking VW-correct red over black, topped with a sleek black soft top and adorned with a beige leatherette interior. And let me tell you about those extra touches – a radio for your listening pleasure and a mechanical Kienzle clock to keep you on schedule, all nestled snugly on the left side of the dash. And those carpets? They’re the ‘haargarn-bouqle’ type, a true hallmark of post-war German craftsmanship. restoring a car to this level of perfection takes blood, sweat, and no shortage of craftsmanship. The end result? Simply stunning. This car is a testament to the passion and dedication poured into it, and it’s ready to be adored and enjoyed by a serious Volkswagen enthusiast. So, if you fancy yourself worthy of this masterpiece, don’t hesitate and start bidding.

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