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BMW 2002 tii

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BMW 2002 Tii

Built for 11 years, from 1966 to 1977, this mid-size car is the forerunner of the famous BMW 3 Series.

This so-called “02” series celebrated great success in motorsports. Mainly with the Ti, Tii or Turbo engines.

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From 1969 onwards, BMW used an engine with a mechanical fuel injection pump from Kugelfischer in its top-of-the-range four-door New Class model. Of course, it was again only a matter of time before this engine was also offered in the 02 series, especially since the fuel-injected version of the 2-litre engine had received the blessing of the US emissions control authorities and BMW drivers on the other side of the big pond were eagerly awaiting nothing more than a hot version of their beloved BMW 2002. BMW had also been testing fuel injection in sport for some time.

For an initial DM 12,765, the customer got his hands on the BMW 2002 tii, a sports saloon with a somewhat different performance characteristic than he was used to from the TI version. The 130 hp still reacted a little more spontaneously to accelerator pedal movements, but the gearbox in the four-speed basic version was initially somewhat longer, so that acceleration did not quite match the values of the TI. At top speed, however, the tii proved slightly superior. The economy of this powerful drive was particularly impressive, because with a somewhat moderate driving style it was not too difficult to get by on less than 9 litres of fuel per 100 km.

Of course, success was not lacking for a car with these characteristics. About 7,500 cars were exported to the USA, and more than 3,600 right-hand drive cars found their enthusiasts in countries with left-hand drive. Over 27,000 examples of the BMW 2002 tii were produced in normal version. Production ended in June 1975, the US version was available for four months longer.

Further information on the BMW 2002 tii can be found in the data records for the body variant “BMW 02 Sedan” and the model series “BMW 02 Series”.

This BMW 2002 Tii was delivered new in Holland in 1974.

This particular BMW 2002Tii was ordered and delivered in the Netherlands where it stayed all of its life. In 1990 the car was taken out of commission by its than owner to receive a restoration.  This was done by himself over a course of 26 years.  The car stood dormant for all those years and when it was sold it drove sparsely but the quality of the restoration shows when the engine is given some beans.  The car drives really well apart from some cold engine stuttering which is very common with the injection system. There is no rust on the car and every mechanical component has been done I order the restore this car to its former glory.  Unfortunately, there are no records of the restoration as it was believed to be carried out by the owner who owned the car from 1990 until 2016.

The paint is in good condition but there is some colour difference on the bonnet and the doors this collaborates with the story that the restoration took a while. The whole body is just a bit lighter as the bonnet and doors were fitted at a later stadium.

This all falls away when you start to drive the car. The higher torque of the Tii engine combined with the low weight of the car makes it a very comfortable cruiser that can change in an instant at will call in a sports car that can keep up with a lot of the fine Fleur of that era.


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2002 Tii


INKA orange


4 in line


1990 ccm




Bodegraven, Holland

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Bruce Percelay
1 year 5 months ago

I am very interested. Is the engine original and matching numbers? Is the color original?

1 year 5 months ago

Hello @Bruce Percelay. Yes, All original and matching. Colour, Engine