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BMW 3200S

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  • 3200 S
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BMW 501 / 502
“BMW cars are supposed to be the calling card of German society.”
Quote: Der Spiegel
Due to the 2nd World War BMW lost the previous car production plant in Eisenach and in Munich almost everything was destroyed and dismantled for the reparation payment. Everything had to be created anew.
The development of the new car began in 1948 on the design of the former plant director of the Eisenach plant, Peter Szymanowski, on the technical basis of the pre-war type BMW 326.
The Type 501 was the first BMW passenger car made in Munich, all previous ones were manufactured in Eisenach. The V8 engine in the Type 502 was the first series-produced lightweight V8 engine.

The attempt to develop a “state car” on the 502 failed.
Chancellor Konrad Adenauer could not get in without taking off his hat, and continued to favor the competitor Mercedes Benz 300.

“The great touring cars with the sporty touch!” Quote: BMW
They tried to compete with the big models of Mercedes and emphasized the sportiness.

22,000DM for a 3200 S was very expensive in the post-war period, which is why BMW sold only a few examples during the construction period, making this offered 3200 S a very rare classic.

This offered 3200 S was first registered on 1. of april in 1962.

The current owner and seller bought it in 2019 from a pre-owner in Lichtenstein who owned the car for decades.

The 3.2L V8 engine with its 160 horsepower runs smooth and powerful like it has only run 58.000km as the speedometer says, but is not proven, though even the red interieur still looks quite original and very well taken care of.

The very good overall impression from a visual and technical point of view makes this 3200 S a definitely interesting and rare collectable survivor.

Travel back to the german post-war time with “the sporty touch” and bid for this rare classic.

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3200 S






3.168 ccm




Aadorf / Suisse

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€ 55.000 – 60.000

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