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Cizeta Moroder V16t Design Studie

  • Marcello Gandini
  • Prototype
  • Mock up


Have you ever heard of the Cizeta Moroder V16t?

The story of the Cizeta began in the late 1980s.

The Cizeta was the brainchild of Claudio Zampolli, an ex-Lamborghini engineer who had moved to Los Angeles and set up a business servicing supercars. In the late 1980s, Zampolli decided that it was time to build something of his own, so he teamed up with music producer Giorgio Moroder, who had just written the song “Take My Breath Away” for the 1986 Blockbuster Top Gun.


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The aim was to create the ultimate supercar of the era. They teamed up with the brilliant Designer Marcelo Gandini

and although Moroder left the project after the first prototype, Zampolli managed to get nine (or 11 – it’s disputed) examples built.

This is the first prototype for the Cizeta V16t designed from Marcello Gandini of Cizeta Moroder automobile of Modena.

This is a masterpiece of design of Marcello Gandini. It is published in the book “Marcello Gandini Master of Design”.

This is the first study of Marcello Gandini for Mr. Zampolli for the Cizeta Moroder V16T, it is unique.
This mock up is a prototype with no chassis and engine, it is a concept car like the 350 GT Lamborghini in the Lamborghini Museum of Lamborghini family.
The design, especially at the front, was heavily influenced by Gandini’s work on the Lamborghini Diablo, and the side strakes would have been very familiar to Ferrari Testarossa owners.
Initially introduced in 1988, the car was finally developed by a group of ex Lamborghini workers and its design represents the original look of the Diablo.
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