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Ferrari 328 GTS

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This is a Ferrari 328 GTS built in 1989.

Model 89 is the last year of production for this beautiful example of a 328 Ferrari.
This Model has the modified front axle compared to the previous model. This version is equipped with ABS and specific ABS wheels.

Ferrari produced 6068 units of the 328 GTS from 1985 to 1989. Only 292 were produced and equipped with ABS.

This GTS comes in red with black leather upholstery as well as black carpets.

Sold new in Paris by Jean Luc BOIS then sales manager of POZZI.
It was registered on 16 – 06 – 1989.

Matching number and colour.

It has 23 036 km.

The Car comes with the leather briefcase, all manuals and warranty booklets and the car radio manual.
Double keys, jack and tool kit, original Ferrari car radio.

It is all in original paint, never damaged and not a single element of repainting.

There is even POZZI’s letter of 9 April 1990, reminding him of the end of the 1 year warranty.

The first Owner used it until 1993, and then he put it aside and stored it to keep it for his young son, when he would be 18 or 20 years old.
But his son doesn’t like cars and doesn’t even have a licence.

So the man decided to part with it.
To sell it, he contacted Jean Luc BOIS, who left as director of LECOCQ.
He knows the car well, having sold and maintained it at the time at POZZI.
A very big overhaul was done at LECOCQ in 2014, all the invoices are in his name.
There are 14 000 euros for the overhaul.

It is in perfect condition, all original, two owners and French with exemplary traceability.
A well kept and maintained Ferrari 328 GTS






328 GTS

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€ 95.000 – 115.000



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