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Buick Super Model 56S

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When World War II ended, the automotive manufacturer’s dream of “pent-up demand” was realized. Buick was in a particularly good position since it had redesigned much of its line for 1942, and these cars were lightly face-lifted and re-trimmed for the post-war boom.

Gone were the prewar Century and Limited lines, but the 124-inch wheelbase, mid-level Super returned with four models: two-door Sedanets and convertibles, and four-door sedans and woody station wagons. With prices averaging right around $2,000, Supers accounted for more than 75% of Buick’s 1946 production, with the sedan being the most popular body choice.


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The Buick Super was well equipped, with floor mats, a clock, rear fender skirts, and woodgrain trim, and firm seats. The Super was also as big as the Roadmaster, which buyers liked, though it had a shorter hood and only the 110 horsepower, 248-cid straight-eight engine, which was also shared with the Special. The Roadmaster, by comparison, used the 144 horsepower, 320-cid eight. Demand for new cars was still strong and little was changed for the Buick Super in 1947 and 1948, except for a more handsome grille.

Post-war Buicks remain a practical and handsome example of curvaceous 1940s styling. They are spacious and comfortable, albeit with a rather soft ride. Production was high and many parts were shared across the line, making ownership relatively simple. And while the Super isn’t the first postwar Buick to spring to mind for most enthusiasts, the sedans and Sedanets are particularly affordable and representative of 1940s American motoring.

This 56 S Sedanet was built in 1946 and delivered in Verde Green with Grey Striped Broadcloth. Some Years ago it got a light restoration with a new paint job. The paint is in good condition.  The primer is reasonably thin which is why the paint thickness measurement shows good values.

All emblems and trim are present and in very good condition for the age.

The engine compartment looks immaculate. The hood can be opened to the left or to the right.

Technically everything was left as original, including the 6 Volt electrical system.

Inside everything has been reupholstered not too long ago in classic timeless grey fabric. The headliner is also made of light brown fabric. All very well preserved.

The full length bench seat in the front makes it possible for 6 people to share in the driving fun.


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According to the seller, the following work needs to be done

Change front headlights according to EU. Mount reflector on the rear side. Change front brake hose. Change stabiliser bar. Repair Master brake cylinder as it is sweating. The muffler should be renewed. Set up idler arm. Adjust rear brakes.






Super 56 S




8 Zylinder






Glienicke – Germany

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