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Ford Tudor Sedan Custom

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The war was raging in Europe and America was supplying weapons and equipment to the Allies on a grand scale. There were “O’s” and “W’s” in short supply and so the name Tudor was born.

Maybe the name of the Ford Tudor Sedan Six could have been created like that.

The stock V8 flathead was replaced with a 350 engine. The automatic transmission is operated by the original steering wheel gearshift. The intake manifold and carburetor are from Edelbrock, ignition is with a HEI distributor.

The interior has been reupholstered some time ago and now has some slight signs of use. These can be removed by a thorough cleaning.

Externally, the paint is in very good condition. A paint thickness measurement revealed an average good and reasonably thin primer build. A few tiny stone chips are present but are not noticeable in the overall impression. The chrome is in excellent condition.

A really nice classic car to have fun with immediately and without much restoration work.

The Ford already has an EU registration!






Tudor Sedan


Berlin, Germany

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