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Mercedes 450 SLC

  • Casinoowner owned
  • 15.000 invested
  • nicely conserved


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The SLC, as the sports coupé is officially called, had its premiere at the Paris Motor Show in October 1971. Up to the windscreen, its exterior corresponds to that of the roadster.

Mercedes-Benz SLC-Coupé, Baureihe C 107. Mercedes-Benz SLC-Coupé of the C 107 series.

The flat roof stretches above the five-seat passenger compartment, which leads into a strikingly large, stronglycurved and very sloping rear window. This in turn gives the rear a comparatively long length. The boot lid has a slightly convex contour. In the Roadster, on the other hand, the boot lid has a concave contour that follows the pagoda-like hardtop, which gave the predecessor model, the W 113, its name. In the side view, the length is documented by the longer wheelbase, 2820 as opposed to 2460 millimetres, and also by the line of the side windows, which, as is customary in a Mercedes-Benz coupé, are fully retractable, without a disturbing B-pillar. In the case of the SLC, however, a difficulty arose in this respect: the short distance between the door and the rear wheel arch required a complicated and therefore potentially failure-prone turn-and-tilt lowering mechanism in order to allow the rear side windows to be fully retracted. Karl Wilfert’s way out of this dilemma was the later stylistically not uncontroversial, but highly distinctive, double-glazed “visors” with the built-in louvres, which divide the side window and reduce it in size so that the front movable part can be completely recessed. The louvred side windows as well as the fluted rear lights were Pininfarina’s idea and were first seen on a study in 1967.

Here you find a buyers guide at WALTER-Magazin For the first time, the standard first-aid kit was stowed in a special recess under the rear window on this car, the model for many subsequent Mercedes-Benz models until 1995.

The SLC was offered from 1971 to 1981, first only as 350 SLC, then from 3/1973 as 450 SLC, from 1974 as 280 SLC, only in the last year from 8/80-7/81 as 380 SLC, from 8/1977 as 450 SLC 5.0 and also only in the last year as 500 SLC, with the same engines and transmission equipment as the Roadster. There was no 420 SLC, because at that time the parallel models of the W126 series were already on the market. One exception was the 450 SLC 5.0 from 1978 to 1980, in which the new light-alloy V8 five-litre was first launched. This car also received a front spoiler and a rubber lip as a rear spoiler for the first time in the 107 series.

The cw value of the SLC proved to be significantly better than that of the SL, so that it achieved slightly better driving performance despite an extra weight of 45 to 50 kilograms. In the course of its ten-year history, the SLC found a total of 62,888 buyers.

This Car was bought in Reno, Nevada, from the grandson of an old casino owner.

The Car was driven regularly and well taken care of. All the seats were covered with sheep’s wool keeping the leather in top condition. The car was repainted once. Regarding the intense sun in Reno, the clearcoat was faded and had to be repainted. As this was not done properly, the current owner had it redone to make it perfect.  The SLC is technically completely overhauled. All seals, rubbers, pumps, fluids, K Jetronic were done. The EU conversion was also done.

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Mercedes Benz


450 SLC


Viertakt-Otto (mit Saugrohreinspritzung)




217 PS


Adamovec, Croatia

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Hello @KaiKai, the Car is located in Adamovec, Croatia