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Mercedes Benz G500

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Original price was: 49.000,00€.Current price is: 44.000,00€.

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 Originally developed for the German military, the G Wagen (full name: Gelandewagen, essentially “cross-country vehicle” in German) caught on as a premium sport/utility in Europe some years ago. And it’s no poseur; the six-beam ladder frame structure is ultra stiff, ground clearance is substantial, and the square-rigged steel bodywork is as aerodynamic as a side-by-side Amana. All appropriate off-roader hardware is there, including a multi-range transfer case and center, front, and rear locking differentials. It’s been powered by a number of gasoline and diesel engines over the years, but mostly various straight sixes that proved only adequate. Bottom line, the G Wagen is purposeful, capable, rare, handbuilt-and expensive.

It’s also much improved for ’99. Mercedes has finally upped the engine ante by giving the G Wagen its first V-8. It’s essentially the same all-alloy SOHC, three-valves-per-cylinder powerplant available in the SL500 sports car, retuned for beefier low-end torque production. In G Wagen trim, it’s rated at 300 horsepower and backed by a five-speed, multimode automatic transmission. Also new is an exceptionally handsome 18-inch wheel and tire package.

This original G500 was registered in February 2000 and is in untouched condition. No modifications were done and its accident and rust free. Additionally, it has complete service history. The condition on the in and outside is original. Some minor signs of use can be seen. Driver’s Seat edge is slightly worn, Pixel malfunction.

The G-Wagon is in perfect technical condition. Engine, Transmission and Suspension work perfect.

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Adamovec, Croatia

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