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Mercedes Benz SL 500 R129

  • classic colour combination
  • immaculate condition
  • ready for the summer




The biggest challenge for Mercedes Benz during the late seventies and early eighties was the parallel development of their all new „Baby Benz“ (the 190 / W201) and the mid-size E series (W124), with both cars utilizing advanced technologies and a radically new design language. Due to simple lack of resources, the development of the new SL (R129), which originally also started in the late seventies, has been put on hold. It was resumed after the release of the E Series in 1984 and finally, in March 1989, the SL debuted at the Geneva Salon. Based on a (heavily altered) E series (W124) chassis, it featured the same sophisticated front and rear suspension but also introduced further developments like active damping and many new safety systems (e.g. the world´s first self extracting roll bar). Powertrain-wise, it was either equipped with one of the well-known 3,0 R6 engines (SL300 and 300SL-24, engine code M103) or the new 326- hp 5,0 V8 (engine code M109), which made the 500SL the most powerful Mercedes to this day. Two facelifts and several more engine options (including a V12) followed, but to most enthusiasts, the original early-spec 500SL remains the „spot-on“ choice, because it offers the classic early nineties look (two-tone paint!) combined with the reliability, power delivery and sound of the legendary M109 32-valve V8. Now, that the cars are more than 30 years old and therefore qualify for historic car registration, the prices for early R129 SLs are climbing up day by day. So don´t hesitate to get your hands on one of those epic pieces of automotive history as long as they are still affordable… Place your bid! (1994 – Baujahr) 500SL, mileage: (108.000) km. Classic silver paint / black interior colour scheme. The car is in a very good condition, always garaged and well maintained, driven during summer season only. Engine, drivetrain, brakes and suspension in perfect working order, The roof is in good condition without any heavy wear signs, absolutely no repairs done or needed. The paint is all original, with no repainted parts, no dents or scratches. All electric/electronic parts and systems work flawlessly. AMG Styling III 2-piece 19“ alloys retrofitted by the previous owner. Service documents and original manuals are present.

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Mercedes Benz


500 SL, R129






8-Zylinder // V-Engine






Germany, Hamburg

Guide Price

€ 19.500 – 23.400

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3 years 3 months ago

Wie viele Vorbesitzer hat das Fahrzeug? Gibt es ein Scheckheft?

3 years 3 months ago

Wir haben die Fragen an den Besitzer weiter geleitet.

3 years 3 months ago

Scheckheft ist gepflegt letzte Inspektion mit 85.000 bei Bosch. Ein Vorbesitzer