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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4

  • LHD transformed
  • well maintained
  • detailled overhauled

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4

The eternal rivals Subaru and Mitsubishi gave each other second after second in the rally championships year after year, creating numerous legends for the road thanks to homologation laws. For more than 20 years this competition was fought, even long after both brands had withdrawn from active motorsport.

Ten evolutionary stages of the Mitsubishi Lancer (in between, two ran here as Carisma) were brought to market by Mitsubishi, but it was not until the Evo 6 that left-hand drive models were officially offered, and models specially trimmed for the European market.

This quite rare Evo 4 was formally only available as RHD, but of course some models were converted. There are better and worse versions here. This model belongs to the better ones, but one thing in advance: a conversion can and will never have the perfection, 100% coherence and originality as an original model.

Therefore also the negative points directly in advance: The 180 miles speedometer was left, but converted to KM/H and calculated. Means he goes exactly, but at 180 is on the scale just end. No big problem.

Since there are no more steering gears for the Evo 4 on the market to find this conversion has a regular from the Lancer. This is of course much less agile and direct than its sporty brother, especially if you are used to this. But the steering works fine.

That’s about it. Everything else was really professionally rebuilt, the Evo was cleaned of any rust on the underbody (Evos don’t have underbody sealing) and repainted a few years ago. The color is consistent and the paint is good. There is a small paint chip on the front left bumper.

Best of all, the car has had German papers for some time and everything is registered. Rims, exhaust etc. The Evo has very strong pulling power, the 280 hp should be easily exceeded, especially since some work was done on the engine not too long ago.

In total, well over 10,000 euros were invested in the vehicle last year. So the new owner gets a visually as well as technically correct car, not a scruffy one. Ralliart gearbox, original Evo-Recaro seats, Tein suspension, Brembo brakes. These are currently being reworked.

The Evo wants to be driven, and brings its performance to the road. Of course, it is not a classically valuable museum piece or collector’s item, a conversion is rarely suitable for that. But if you take a look at the market, you will quickly realize: an Evo 4 is no longer available for cheap money, and a good, reworked LHD conversion with German papers and TÜV untill 2 / 2023 is even more so.

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Lancer EVO 4 LHD









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€ 26.000 – 30.000

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