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Peugeot 309 GTI

  • Original 309 GTI
  • rare 5 Door
  • best colourcombination

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Original price was: 10.500,00€.Current price is: 9.800,00€.


In the 1980s, Peugeot was extremely successful in motorsports with small, sporty cars, and private car customers also benefited from this. With durable, high-revving and powerful engines, the vehicles were also a lot of fun for the hobby driver on the road, and in addition, they remained mostly manageable in price.

Of course, the little 205 GTI is still an absolute heartbreaker today, while its bigger brother 309 eked out more of an underdog existence for many years. But its time has long since come, especially as a GTI. Its rarity now earns it good market values, and it is a welcome guest at classic car events.


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A small percentage of 309GTIs were ordered as 5-doors, including the car offered here on customer order. This 309 was exported from Germany to Hungary in the 2000s and has now found its way back.

Known are 3 previous owners, but due to missing documents the complete history is not 100% traceable. The old German letter is available.

In the last 6 months, a lot has been put into the car, especially on the engine there are numerous new parts, and after a good overhaul, it runs perfectly. The transmission is also working perfectly again after the flywheel was changed.

The body has survived the last few years exceptionally well. The underbody shows great substance with no rust, minimal rudiments on the edge of the trunk are not yet a concern. Some moisture has entered the front of the two corners of the engine compartment, and very thin surface rust has formed.

Lest there be any misunderstanding, of course, this is a car with plenty of miles, and there are normal signs of wear and tear here and there. On the entry, on the paint, on rims, on upholstery. That goes without saying, but should still be explicitly mentioned.

Obviously, there was an accident at the front left in the past, which was repaired. But this can only be seen on closer inspection. The 309 runs straight and drives perfectly.

The paint looks good. Here and there was of course already times what Beilackiert, but very neatly done. The sunroof works. The original and now rare GTI rims also look reasonable but are admittedly not new.

The interior is also not used and still looks very good for its 33 years. The seats, steering wheel and gauges are nice and not dramatically worn. For an extra 300 euros, there is a second set of GTI rims to go with it, so you could tire it 8 times.

All in all, this is a very solid, rare, technically rebuilt original 309GTI, not for the museum, but for the road, waiting to be viewed and test driven.

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309, GTI


4 Zylinder






Germany, Illingen

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€ 10.500 – 14.000

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