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Opel Kadett B Rallye 1900

  • original Rallye 1900
  • original Rallycar
  • ready to rally

Winning Bid: 30.000,00

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Outside of Europe the Opel Kadett 1900 Rallye is a little known car, in fact it’s not all that well known in Europe either come to think of it. That said, motorsport fans will remember the Kadett as the car that launched the rally career of the great Ari Vatanen, who piloted it to his first win in the Tott-Porrassalmi Rally in 1971.

The first Opel Kadett made an appearance in 1937 and it was produced in I, A, B, C, D, and E variants until 1993. Each generation was characterized by its entry level price point, relatively simple engineering, and unpretentious styling.

The Opel Kadett B

Although no one would ever accuse the B-series Kadett of being a quick car, there were some iterations that were popular for motorsport use. The quickest of them all was the 1.9 liter variant first offered to the public in 1967, this inline-4 was capable of a heady 89 hp and could propel the lightweight Opel to impressive speeds, well impressive for a relatively inexpensive car in 1967 at least.

The 1.9 liter engine (actually 1897cc) was a little unusual as it has a CIH or “cam in head” arrangement. This isn’t quite the same as an overhead cam, and it’s different to a more traditional overhead valve design too. Essentially, the cam lays in the head next to the valves and is driven by a roller chain. A combination of rocker arms and short tappets are used for valve actuation – making the CIH system slightly better than an OHV system but not quite as good as an OHC.

The CIH quickly became an evolutionary dead end, and engine designers pursued more efficient OHC and DOHC designs, so cam in head engines are now a bit of a curiosity and many have never heard of them.

Opel sold the Kadett in coupe, 4-door sedan, and wagon variants with engines from 1.0, to 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, and 1.9 liters. They were used by everyone from families and tradesmen, to Ari Vatanen and everyone in-between.

Opel built hundreds of thousands of examples of the Opel Kadett B over the course of its 8 year production run. By now the overwhelming majority of them have rusted away or found their way to the crusher.

This Opel Kadett B Rallye 1900 was built on the 30 December 1968 and sold on the 21.1.1969 to start its Rally Career.

The Opel started its first Rally on the 16 Februar 1969 and continued racing until 1972. Taking part at the European Champinship. The best known Rally it took part was the 1000 Lakes Rally.

The Car stayed in Finnland until 2014 when it was sold as a used Rally Car to a well know Racing Lady in Germany. After inspecting the Car it underwent a full overhaul to bring it back to its former glory. Over € 27.000,-  were invested just for the technics to make it a competitive Rallycar in regards of the FIA Regulations.

After the technical work was done on the Car it was Dynotestet and is producing hot 148 PS at 5800 RPM

The Rallycar has a FIA Technical Passport and comes with an extensive history file.

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Kadett, LS, Rallye






Berlin, Berlin / Germany

Guide Price

€ 40.000 – 44.000

Total Bids Placed:

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Highest bidder was: Cor alfa

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid Auto
Cor alfa 30. May 2022 20:06 30.000,00
13erschlussel 30. May 2022 20:00 29.000,00
Cor alfa 30. May 2022 19:59 28.500,00
Nibbles 30. May 2022 19:58 28.000,00
Cor alfa 30. May 2022 19:57 27.500,00
13erschlussel 30. May 2022 09:32 26.800,00
Cor alfa 29. May 2022 19:46 26.000,00
Wrenchdevil 29. May 2022 14:53 25.600,00
Gabriela 29. May 2022 08:38 25.100,00
13erschlussel 29. May 2022 08:18 24.800,00
Magie 28. May 2022 17:13 24.000,00
Nibbles 28. May 2022 14:04 23.190,00
Samba66 28. May 2022 12:06 22.222,00
Cor alfa 26. May 2022 22:44 16.000,00
13erschlussel 24. May 2022 07:36 14.900,00
Gabriela 21. May 2022 13:14 12.500,00
Wrenchdevil 20. May 2022 09:15 7.500,00
13erschlussel 18. May 2022 22:20 3.900,00
Auction started 16. May 2022 20:00

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