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Porsche 356 Pre-A 1500

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The 356 Porsche Pre-A refers to the early models of the Porsche 356, which were produced from 1948 to 1955 before the introduction of the “A” series. The 356 Pre-A is highly regarded by Porsche enthusiasts and collectors for its classic design and historical significance as the first production car from Porsche.

Here are some key features of the 356 Porsche Pre-A:

  1. Design: The Pre-A models featured a distinctive and timeless design. They had a streamlined body shape with rounded fenders, a sloping hood, and a curved windshield. The design cues of the Pre-A would set the stage for the subsequent Porsche 356 models.
  2. Engine: The early Pre-A models were powered by air-cooled, rear-mounted flat-four engines. The engine displacement varied over the years, starting from 1.1 liters and gradually increasing to 1.6 liters. These engines produced modest horsepower but provided adequate performance for the lightweight 356.
  3. Construction: The Pre-A models were built with a body constructed from steel, and some components, such as the doors and rear engine cover, were made of aluminum to reduce weight. The cars featured a ladder-type frame with independent suspension, providing a balanced and responsive driving experience.
  4. Evolution: Throughout the production years of the Pre-A, several refinements and improvements were made. These included upgrades to the braking system, engine performance, and interior features. The earlier models had more minimalist interiors, while the later models introduced more comfort and convenience features.
  5. Rarity and Value: Due to their early production and limited numbers, the Pre-A models are relatively rare and highly sought after by collectors. Their historical significance and iconic design contribute to their high value in the classic car market.

It’s important to note that specific details and features can vary between individual Pre-A models, as changes were made over the production years. Collectors and enthusiasts often value originality and matching numbers, which refer to components that are still present and match the car’s original specifications.

The 356 Porsche Pre-A holds a special place in Porsche’s history as the foundation for its success and the beginning of a long lineage of iconic sports cars.

This particular Porsche 356 pre A was delivered to Hoffman in New York in Jul 1953 and spent his life in America till 1991 when it was exported to Italy. It was acquired by the current owner who had the Car fully restored to the original delivery secs from 1953. It is Pasha Red with Cordsamt Interior.

Engine, Chassis and Transmission are as well matching. The Bodywork was done at the famous Autocarrozzeria Serattini.

The Body was fully restored. It was completely healed, protected, repainted and polished according to original specs.

The Body Parts were restored, chromed and polished with all new gaskets.

The Interior was done by Tappezzeria Ferraresi. Interior, Upholstery and gauges were fully rebuilt and refurbished with original materials according to the Reutter Certificate.

Mechanics were fully dismounted, restored and repainted and remounted, new brake lines, new fuel lines, new brake system and overhauled suspension with all new rubber parts.

The electric system was fully rebuilt starting with new cables, wiring, switches, lamps, headlights, taillights

The engine was overhauled and serviced. Electrical components were redone and the Carbs were overhauled.

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4 Zyl. Boxer


1500 ccm


France, Paris

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