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Porsche 356 Roadster

  • matching numbers engine
  • matching colour slate grey
  • the “comfortable” Speedster


Porsche 356 Roadster

The “comfortable” Speedster!

After the success of the 356 Speedster the customers, especially in America, which was a large sales market for Porsche, demanded a car with more comfort without sacrificing sportiness. For a short time of about a year Porsche offered the Convertible D on the basis of the 356 “A”. Plans to introduce the 356 “B” had been already made and so the Roadster was born.

In base form, the chassis still appears in shape like a Speedster with the new techniques of the Model “B”, but in addition to more comfortable seats, the windshield has been raised as in the convertible. The difference to the standard convertible, however, is that the windshield frame is made of chromed steel from the top of the body, as in the Speedster, and is not connected to the body in one piece as in the convertible. Also the side windows were now crankable and by the right soft top one had now also in colder days more comfort.
The high windshield was more stable than on the Speedster, so the beach boys, for example, could keep their surfboards more stable.

This offered 1961 Porsche 356 Roadster shows up in brilliant matching colour slate grey.
The restoration of the chassis has been done with perfection, as seen in the pictures below, down to the smallest detail. The paint job also is very professional. Watching the gaps, the sheet edges meet in a relatively angular manner and are not as rounded as rounded edges with a high trowel buildup. The paint thickness measurements around 200 to 300 prove this. In addition to the chassis restoration everything has been restored from the period correct gearbox, brakes, axles, … keep it short: everything.

The Kadex proves the factory delivered condition!

During the matching numbers engine overhaul, the owner opted for a displacement kit to just under 1800 cc, which gives the engine a power of about 80 hp. Of course, he could have opted for over 100 hp, but longevity combined with a little more power was most important to him. The more comfortable ride due to the higher torque were an important aspect in addition to the power.

The interieur has been upholstered in high quality with even the correct carpets and sturdy leather. Watching the whole interieur you see and even feel that no cheap parts were used here, but the priority was quality. All the chrome parts are in very good quality and are very different from the mostly used cheaply produced bad parts.

This roadster is one of 473 ever produced in the elegant slate grey 6001 and was first delivered in Germany / Düsseldorf.

The overall impression is brilliant and driving, shifting, steering and even braking underlines the high level of this beautifull conditioned Porsche 356 Roadster.

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If your requirement is quality to stand out from most half-heartedly restored Porsche 356s, then this is your Porsche to take a truly technical journey back in time to those days … those days where men were men, and women were women.

Convince yourself with the pictures below and take the chance to bid on this stunning Roadster.

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356 Roadster


slate grey


flat 4




Berlin / Germany

Guide Price

€ 215.000 – 240.000

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