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Porsche 911 Safari Umbau

  • perfect off road built
  • over 20 years off road experience
  • over 20 years Porsche Motorsport experience

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… while others are looking for eggs in the garden at Easter, Björn Waldegård and Hans Thorszelius drive one of the toughest rallies in the world in March 1978: the East African Safari. After 94 hours and 4,691 kilometres, they cross the finish line in fourth place. With this off-road debut in 1978, Porsche celebrated another success in motorsport. Further successes were to come.

… while others are looking for eggs in the garden at Easter, 2 Berlin engineers are driving their Porsche 911 Safari Recreation through rough terrain in March 2021. The last tuning drives. Based on over 20 years of professional experience in motorsport and off-road, they reach their goal after a year of construction: the conversion of this 1986 3.2 Carrera into the 911 Safari is complete. It passes the final test drive with flying colours and is ennobled with the full certificate of the Dekra Motorsport Department and the allocation of the historic H registration plate.
Watch the walkaround video here:


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The Fabspeed stainless steel exhaust with manifold including heat exchanger makes a pleasantly throaty sound without overdoing it.


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The Bilstein Rally chassis and the 6mm aluminium underride protection allow controlled driving fun in almost any terrain.
No matter whether slow:


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or fast:


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This 911 Safari conversion essentially impresses with its performance compared to other, fashionably higher 911s. In conversation, we sense not only the enthusiasm but above all the experience of the designers. Everything about this car is based on a function. True to the motto: “Form follows function”, whereby the “following design” fits the car very coherently.
“With speed and without style, many can, but that was not our claim. We prefer to convince through skill.”
The adaptation of the axle geometry as well as the gearbox make the subtle difference. This revised Type 915 transmission not only has a lock, but the gear ratio is matched to the wheels and the synchronisation between 1st + 2nd gear is adapted so that it can be shifted while driving. “This is extremely important during slow manoeuvres off-road.” The new Sachs clutch only received a reinforced pressure plate. A reinforced pressure plate would only worsen pedal comfort unnecessarily. Adjusting the rear axle is the supreme discipline, he says. “You can only do that with a popometer after years of driving a Porsche on and off the track.” The handling of this 911 is sensationally balanced on and off the road. Details about the rear axle setting, steering angle and gearbox tuning, however, remain her professional secret.
Then we turn off the road onto the dirt track… we are speechless! We know the familiar acceleration and sporty chassis of a 911 on the road. This Safari turns left, downshifts and with snarling pressure from the back, the car catapults us through the forest as the trees fly past us. The chassis swallows the bumps as if there were none. The speedometer needle climbs far beyond 100km/h in a flash. “That’s what we call performance!”
Finally, a Porsche that looks cool without time-consuming cleaning. “I’ll just put it under the sprinkler,” says one of the 2 designers.
We thank him, say goodbye and shortly afterwards we are standing in the dust:


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During the rebuild, the brake calipers, discs, hoses and pads were renewed. The engine was completely checked (stud bolts, bearings, pistons, cylinders, etc.) and received a full service. A conscious decision was made to go with the 207 hp 3.2 Carrera engine. “With this engine you can refuel anywhere in the world. It runs on 91 octane, because in the wilderness, somewhere on the globe, there isn’t always 98 octane.” That’s exactly what this 911 is made for: “Driving in its most beautiful form, no matter where on this earth…. and even with factory air conditioning and sunroof!”
The choice was made quite deliberately for this accident-free California re-import. In contrast to many German bodies, this chassis has never seen a winter and is the ideal basis in terms of rust-free and stiffness of the chassis. The design was deliberately left neutral in the original Porsche colour dark blue K4. The design can be adapted according to the taste of the buyer in consultation and at a corresponding surcharge. No matter if you want a Rothmans or Martini design… many things are possible.

With this Porsche 911 you don’t need roads!
Take a look at the pictures to convince yourself of the quality and take your chance on this unique off-road 911!

The perforated bumpers look cool, of course, but mainly make it easier to wash out sand and dirt with the garden hose.

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911 Safari Umbau


darkblue K4


flat 6






110000 Miles


Berlin, Germany


€ 165.000 – 175.000

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