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Porsche 914-6 Chevy V6

  • high end restored
  • Chevy V6 Small block
  • better than new

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This is a Porsche 914 6,  but the 6 does not come from a Porsche. It is powered by a 6 Cylinder Chevy Small Block.
You are looking at maybe the coolest Porsche 914-6 conversion built. This car is better than new to say the least!
This 914-6 is equipped with a complete new chevy small block V6.

The base for the conversion was a 1973 Porsche 914 2.0 with original 52k mile from California with NO RUST! It was delivered in Ivory white. After the GT Conversion with Fibreglass Fender Flares, it was painted again in its original colour.


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The car sounds really great, with a quick throttle response, not like a typical loping American race car.


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The interior shows up like new, everything fits perfectly and all rubbers, glasses, lights, lenses, gauges… all new!


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Watching the trunks and underneath you see the restoration was planned not for selling this car.


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Construction facts:

  • rocker’s Stiffening kit
  • 911 SC frontend
  • 4 wheel disc brakes with drilled rotors
  • 5 lug Real Fuch’s 7’s and 8’s x 15
  • new Tires, Brakes
  • new electricals
  • adjustable Koni’s with 180 lb. springs
  • lightened flywheel,
  • “Great Power to Weight Ratio”!
  • professionally race built V-6 engine (Very Reliable!)
  • 4.3L Chevy puts out just over 300 hp
  • custom ceramic exhaust and other performance upgrades

This was a 4 year job by a very detail oriented engineer. Nothing was overlooked & no expense spared! Look under the car, in the trunk, under the hood and the door jams.
The previous owner stated that it took over $25k in receipts for materials and parts alone and not to mention the 1,000+ man-hours to make this car what it is.
So if you are into performance driving, this is it!
Check out those detailed pix to convince yourself of the high quality

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The vehicle description is provided to the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief. We at Getyourclassic use our experience to work with the seller to provide a correct and accurate vehicle description. However, the bidder must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and make all necessary enquiries before placing a bid. Our General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively.










ivory white


Chevy V6 small block







Guide Price

€ 56.000 – 65.000


Austria, Kitzbühel

Talk about it

2 years 9 months ago

I am interested by your nice 914, and i have some questions.
You write that we cant start with the first gear, is the gearbox have a problem?
I did’nt see the car with the roof open. Could you make some picture and a video when you are going to open and close the roof please.
And finaly, is the car allowed to drive in germany / Belgium ?

2 years 9 months ago

Hi David, no the Gearbox works perfectly. It`s just that the engine has so much Torque that you need to take care when starting.
To be honest, we were so excited when we inspected and drove the Car that we completely forgot about the Roof. We will ask the owner to do so.
At the moment the Car has an the American title and needs to be registered here.

1 year 6 months ago

Servus Josef, ich hatte deine autos alle schon mal vor jahren angesehen.. leider war die typisierung das problem. Ich hätte dir deinen Spyder und RSK abgekauft, aber du hast leider weder auf meine mails noch anrufe reagiert…
Ist der 914er mittlerweile typisiert?
Gruß aus Graz Günter

1 year 6 months ago

Hallo Günter, wir von getyourclassic kümmern uns um den verkauf. Nicht Josef direkt. Waren am Wochenende zusammen am Großglockner zum closing run. Sind mit dem 914er die Tour gefahren. Unglaubliches Auto.
Der Wagen ist noch nicht in Österreich Typisiert. Denke auch das es in der Steiermark am schwierigsten wäre den Wagen als erstes zu typisieren. Prinzipiell ist es historisch korrekt gemacht. So wie es in Amerika in den 70igern gemacht wurde. DU kannst gerne unter 0049 176 624 33 453 anrufen um das Thema zu besprechen. Haben da einige Ideen. Schöne Grüsse das GYC Team