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Porsche 911 T 2.4 MFI

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The Poetry of Performance: The Porsche 911 T 2.4 MFI

Introduced during an era when the world was changing rapidly, the 2.4 MFI (Mechanical Fuel Injection) wasn’t just any 911. It was a bridge, so to speak, transitioning us from the raw, carbureted orchestration of the earlier 911s to the refined fuel-injected symphonies that would become Porsche’s signature.

Underneath the classic 911 silhouette, the heart of the T 2.4 MFI roars with a potent punch. Unlike its carbureted siblings, the mechanically fuel-injected engine promises a more immediate throttle response. It’s lively, eager, and yet, maintains that unmistakable flat-six symphony. But this isn’t about the sheer power – it’s about how it delivers. The power curve, linear and thrilling, is a testament to Porsche’s engineering acumen.

Behind the wheel, the 911 T 2.4 MFI is a study in analog driving pleasure. There’s a connection here that’s hard to find in modern machines. The mechanical feedback, the tactile response from the gearbox, and the slight resistance from the steering, all converse in a language lost to many of today’s digitized rides.

This Porsche is more than just a car; it’s a slice of history, a testament to a time when driving was an immersive experience, devoid of distractions and brimming with passion. The 911 T 2.4 MFI is not just a tribute to Porsche’s legacy but a shining beacon of what makes the brand truly exceptional.

Emerging from the revered halls of the KAMM workshop, this 1973 Porsche 911 T has been reincarnated with an impeccable, bare-metal, nut and bolt rejuvenation that genuinely sets it apart. This rendition of an already exceptional car is now undeniably transcendent, bearing the hallmark of artistry and craftmanship.

At its heart revs the iconic 2.4 MFI engine, ensuring authenticity with its matching numbers. While its initial journey began in the United States, this beauty has since tasted European tarmac.

A Closer Look:

  • Sporting an exquisite factory black sheen, the car proudly dons the code 041.
  • Intriguingly, while being a T model at birth, it flaunts the sophisticated brakes and suspension of an S specification, a testament to the original owner’s impeccable taste. This prompted the restoration maestros to upgrade the engine to the S specification, harmonizing its performance attributes.
  • Setting the road ablaze are the RS Fuchs wheels, measuring 6 inches wide at the front and a robust 7 inches at the rear, all crowned with an anodized RS finish.
  • Step inside, and you’re cradled in an entirely renewed interior, from the panels to the carpets. Taking a seat, you’re ensconced in the upgraded BW houndstooth upholstery, a touch of luxury that’s hard to resist.
  • With every component meticulously redone, it’s a genuine nut and bolt resurrection.
  • A modest 200 miles have been clocked post-restoration, allowing the fortunate new guardian the honor of completing the running-in journey.

In essence, this is a golden chance to own a piece of automotive artistry. A tastefully enhanced early ’70s 911, perfectly amalgamating vintage charm with modern upgrades. And with the seal of a KAMM restoration, it’s a timeless beauty poised for a thrilling future.

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911 T


2.4 S MFI


Budapest, Hungary


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