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Porsche 911 Targa 964 C4

  • 1st paint
  • full history
  • 1 pre-owner



Porsche 911 964

I don’t think much more needs to be written about the three numbers 911.

After 15 years of producing the 911 “G”-model, Porsche invented an up to 75% new 911. The 964.
Though it doesn`t look much different: it is!

Nowadays the 964 are very sought after Porsches.
Especially the Porsche 964 Targa in “indish red”, like this one offered, are very rare.

Enjoy the video of this rare Targa:


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This 964 Targa C4 was first registered on 7th february 1991 in Germany by the first owner.
In 2020 he sold his house to move from the Main-Taunus-Kreis in Germany to Thailand.

The now selling owner bought the house of the first owner and had to buy the Targa as an additional business.
He did. What to do with an untouched and 1 owner 911? After talking to specialists he decided not to restore it; better reanimate it with a high sensitivity to keep it authentic and original.

What was done?

To keep the, about 90%, original first paint and the original leather interieur, it underwent a long manual process of refinishing by a swiss-wax-specialist. As well the Targa-roof and it`s sealing around the Targa-bar is in brilliant condition.

Engine and gearbox were taken off and overhauled.
Brakes, axles, steering, wishbones, hoses, shock absorbers, etc. renewed with genuine parts and of course new tires on the original alloy Porsche wheels.

The original radio is with the car, but replaced by the original looking Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB with DAB+, Bluetooth-speaking in the original retro-design.
Additional is the hoots car care system installed including a GPS-tracker. The hoots system lets you watch, and check your car, with an app on your smartphone, concerning oil-pressure, temperature, speed, rpm, etc., and the GPS let`s you know where your car is -always.

This is a 964 where you do not have to be afraid of following repairs and costs in the nearest future. Everything had been done and is prooven by bills. The original toolkit, service book (stamped at Porsche), new car invoice and almost all the bills of it`s lifetime are with the car.

The original odometer broke down around 100.000km and was replaced while the first owner. Of course at Porsche, prooven by a bill and the original speedometer is also with the car.

The check at the Tüv would have easily passed the H-license-test, but the Tüv inspector allowed to keep the original license-plates for it`s originality. The decision was made to keep it original, because the costs in Germany for the “H”-license-plate wouldn`t be much cheaper.

Driving this Traga is a real pleasure and you feel the difference to most offered and worn out 964. This 964 drives like it has left the factory just yesterday.

So place your bid, go back in time and drive an original!

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964 Targa C4


indish red


flat 6


3.600 ccm






Main-Taunus-Kreis / Germany

Guide Price

€ 88.000 – 95.000

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1 year 5 months ago

Why US-spec Bumbers ?

1 year 5 months ago

Hello @Chfrank, In the pictures is a screenshot from Porsche where it says: “Länderausstattung Canada”. Meaning it was built for North American and Canadian Market.
Nevertheless this car never left Germany and was first delivered in Germany.