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Range Rover 3.9L

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Range Rover

The Range Rover is a luxury SUV from Land Rover, which was officially introduced in the summer of 1970.
From July 1970 to February 1996, the 1st generation was produced, but was constantly developed technically. Its permanent four-wheel drive, coil suspension and not least the 3.9-liter V8 engine revolutionized the SUV market at the time.

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This 1990 Ranger Rover with the 3.9L-engine appears in good quality.

The now selling owner is actually the 2nd owner. The first owner registered it different times between private and his company. So the now selling owner is the 2nd physical owner, though in the papers he is the 5th.

When the now selling owner bought it the complete gasoline system like the tank, hoses, etc. had been renewed and also brakes, tie rod joints, axles, tyres, electric, etc. as well.

However, the most decisive thing is the susceptibility to rust on the roof. The connoisseurs know about this weak point, because the aluminum roof and the steel frame like to rust, as we all learned in physics class. On this Range Rover, this problem was elaborately fixed with new sheet metal parts, etc.. So nothing is to be expected here either.

During the first physical owner the Range ran with a tuned engine. The vehicle has now again the original engine installed, since he ran in the meantime with the mentioned tuned engine. So the now installed engine is the matching numbers engine.
The interior is very well taken care off and from a technical point of view the Range is again in perfect condition.

The Range was usually planed for an Island-house of the second owner, but he decided for another and doesn`t need it anymore.

Finally the current owner invested up to 70k€, much more than the value of this car, what makes this Range, with such a fair reserve price, very interesting for someone who needs a reliable driver.

So place your bid, take this chance and go off road with a reliable Range Rover!

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Land Rover


Range Rover


grey metallic


V 8








Kassel / Germany

Guide Price

€ 47.000 – 55.000

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