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Porsche 964 C 2

  • 964 C2
  • Mitternachtsblau
  • Stickshift

“You can get up later and be back home for dinner much earlier! Is there any better family car?”

This is how Porsche advertised the complete new engineered new 911…the 964.

Still based on the typical 911 genes, the 964 brings a lot more comfort and new technical standards like powersteering, ABS, and many more. Still looking like the typical 911 silhouette, the 964 is a more than 80% new engineered 911.

Here is a collection of the funniest Porsche 964 we found on the Internet.

This 964 with manual Gearbox is a very well taken care of 964 C2 (C2 = rearwheeldrive; C4 = 4WD was an option). It was built in 1990 for the German Market ( Code C00 ) and was delivered in Mitternacht blau. The current Owner bought the Car in 2015 from a Dealer in Germany. Not too much is know about its Live before that. Though a Service book is present.

In 2018 the Clutch was Serviced and replaced and in April 2022 all Fluids were changed as well as Sparkplkugs and cables.

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911/964 Carrera 2




Mitternachts Blau


flat 6


3600 ccm




Berlin / Germany

Guide Price

€ 67.000 – 74.000

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