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VW Beetle Cal Look

  • Porsche Irish Green
  • 100+ PS
  • Iconic built

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Less is more – a graphic from the 70s describes distinguishing features of the “Cal Look”.

The year is 1965 and Ron Fleming has just founded “Der kleiner Panzers”, the first and to this day most glorious club of the so-called “California Look” scene. The tuning style, often also called “Cal Look” or “Cal Style”, marks a kind of big bang of the international Beetle cult. It was initiated in the early 1960s by a small group of Beetle aficionados from Orange County near Los Angeles, who converted their Beetles into true racing machines under their own steam. The names of these tuning pioneers have long enjoyed hero status in the Cal scene with its thousands of fans worldwide. Joe Vittone and his coral red “Inch Pincher”. Greg Aronson and his “Tar Babe”. The Schley Brothers with their “Lightning Bug”. Dean Lowry in the “Deano Dyno-Soar”. And Ron Fleming with his “Underdog”.

One of the first fashions in the Beetle scene that found followers worldwide was the Cal Look. Cal Look is short for California Look.

Its geographical origin is Orange County, California.

From here, it began its triumphal march around the world and continued to develop over the course of time. The Cal Look trend began at the end of the 60s. In the seventies, a thoroughbred Cal Look Beetle looked like this: The intention behind the look is to make the Beetle discreet and unobtrusive, all ornamentation was removed. Trims are not acceptable, bumpers are completely removed or replaced by so-called T-bars. The background for the “unadornment” was that the inconspicuous Beetles should provide plenty of surprise moments, as they often came with tuned engines. 1.8 litre or 2 litre Type 1 engines were the standard. Important in the 70s was the wedge shape, which was achieved by lowering the front axle. What the Beetle engineers had been tinkering with decades before, the pivoting windows for vehicle ventilation, were unceremoniously removed by the vehicle owners and one-piece side windows were fitted. Original Beetle or Porsche rims were used. Conversion to other bolt circles was out of the question.

The Cal Looker was painted in original colours or contemporary Porsche paints. Inside the car, sports seats, sports steering wheel, sports gear lever and additional instruments were fitted. This is how these Beetles were driven through the 70s.

This 1964 Cal Look Beetle was built up new with a hint of German Style, using parts from the Porsche 914.

The Bug was painted in Porsche Irish Green
Here is a list of the updated parts:
  • 2” narrowed front beam
  • CSP disc brakes
  • Flat4 BRMW wheels
  • Rancho gearbox with long 4th gear
  • 1835cc engine – 103,5Hp, 156Nm torque (measured on the wheels)
  • A1 Exhaust
  • Hexagon t-bars
  • Convertible deck lid
  • Dechromed body
  • Porsche 911 headlights
  • Porsche 914 seats in big biscuit
  • Porsche 911 and 914 gauges
  • Porsche 911 steering wheel
  • Simpson harness
  • Autometer gauges in the glovebox
  • Gene berg shifter
  • One piece windows
  • New loom
  • Fibreglass Day Moulding wings
  • Talbot mirror
  • Talbot rear view mirror
  • Gene berg traction bar

More than € 40.000,- went into the build of this ultracool Cal Look Beetle

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Beetle, Cal Look




Porsche Irish Green


flat 4


1835 ccm


Antwerp, Belgium

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