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BMW 1800 TISA Race Car

  • FIA-Pass und HTP
  • Over € 200k invested
  • Ready to Race

Original price was: 95.000,00€.Current price is: 89.800,00€.

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Rebuild ground up restoration by Portmann Seegarage

Engine by Gerent Rennsporttechnik with 198hp on Dyno

Complete rebuild Engine and Gearbox by Wallytech Munich with 0h, race ready

FIA & DMSB Passport, valid until 2028

Homologation 1286, Period F 1962-65, Eligible for Goodwood, Spa 6h a.o.



In 1965, in addition to the standard models, the special model BMW 1800 TI/SA (SA=Special Version) was produced in 200 units as a homologation car for motorsport. The vehicle was delivered exclusively to licensed racing and sports drivers in Europe and the USA. Technically, the BMW 1800 TI/SA is characterised by the following changes: Extensive modifications to the engine (larger valves, 300° camshaft, two Weber twin carburettors, compression ratio 10.5:1, crankshaft with 8 counterweights, thus “at least” 130 hp at 6,100 min-1), top speed over 180 km/h (test value ams 24/1964: 192 km/h), front suspension struts with enlarged bearings and hubs as well as enlarged brake discs, stronger stabilisers front and rear, five-speed gearbox and a more direct steering ratio. Visually, the BMW 1800 TI/SA largely resembles the 1800 TI, with only the BMW 1800 TI nameplate adorning it. Inside, the TI/SA can be recognised by special Restall-Masterfit bucket seats, a large protruding rev counter and a special wooden steering wheel.

The vehicle offered is a replica of the legendary BMW 1800 TISA based on a BMW 1800. The vehicle was delivered to Switzerland in 1964 to Mr. Mayor Rene Gaston Chene-Bougeries and registered on 17 July 1964. On 26.10.1982 the vehicle was deregistered and decommissioned. The original cardboard vehicle registration document is available and documents registration and decommissioning.

In 2013, the vehicle was purchased by Roland Portmann from See-Garage Portmann AG in Meilen, Switzerland, and professionally restored and period-correctly converted in 2013/2014 to the historic racing specification according to FIA Appendix K, Homologation 1286, Period F 1962-1965, Class CT9, to the then homologated racing version of the BMW 1800 TISA.

In 2014, the period-compliant conversion was confirmed by the FIA in a Passeport technique historique on 04.06.2014. The HTP from back then is available in the original.

The vehicle was not registered for public traffic, but was only used on the race track from 2014 to 2016.

In 2017, the vehicle was again completely overhauled (engine revision, gearbox revision, revision of the HTP-relevant components seat, belts, tyres, etc.) and a new HTP was created, which was confirmed by the FIA on 22.05.2018 and is valid until 2028.

On 26.01.2020, the vehicle was sold by Mr. Roland Portmann to the current owners in Munich. There, the vehicle was professionally overhauled by the BMW racing workshop WallyTech in Biburg near Munich (engine, interior, fuel supply, chassis, electrics, installation of second seat) as well as repainted in parts (front flap, rims, cage) and foiled (front). Furthermore, the vehicle was overhauled for road registration and an acceptance test was carried out at the TÜV.

From 2020 to 2021, the vehicle was successfully used in several races and trackdays.

In 2022, the engine and the gearbox were completely overhauled, run in on the test bench and have not been moved since.


FIN: 969.212, BJ. 1964

Colour: grey

Engine: Original 1.800 ccm 4 cylinder engine with 48 Weber carburettors, built by Gerent Rennsporttechnik

Gearbox: Original Getrag 235 5 speed sports gearbox

Tank: Homologated racing tank, 105l, 2 fuel pumps with catch tank.

Bolted homolgated cage, 2 racing seats, 6-point racing harnesses.

Minilite rims with new, unridden Dunlop tyres.


Race Results

18..-20.07.2014, Spa Race Festival, HTGT, 1h Race, P1 iC, P30 overall

08.-10.08.2014, 42. AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix, Nürburgring GP Course, P1 iC, P10 overall

16.-19.04.2015, Großer Preis von Stuttgart, Hockenheim, HEC, 3h, P2 iC, P23 overall

05.-07.06.2015, FHR Historic Trophy Nürburg, HEC, Nürburgring Nordschleife, 3h, P1 iC, P14 overall

17.-19.07.2015, Youngtimer Festival Spa, 3h, P1 iC, P25 overall

07.-09.08.2015, 43. AvD-Oldtimer Grand Prix, Nürburgring GP Cource, 1h, P1 iC, P19 overall

09.-11.10.2015, 37. ADAC RGB Saison Finale, FHR, Nürburring GP Cource

23.-25.10.2015, ADAC Westfalen Trophy FHR, Nürburgring Nordschleife, 2h, P2 iC, P14 overall

22.-24.07.2016, Youngtimer Festival Spa, P1 iC, P29 overall

04.-05.07.2020, FHR HTGT, 1h, Großer Preis von Stuttgart, Hockenheim, P1 iC, P22 overall

16. – 18.04.2021 FHR HTGT, 1h, Großer Preis von Stuttgart, Hockenheim, P1 iC, P24 overall




FIA Passport and HTP, valid until 2028

Original vehicle registration from 1964

Road registration with TÜV certificate

Gutax appraisal dated 19.05.2020 (72 pages), market value €200,000






1800, TI/SA







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