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WT 20 Tractor – Andreas Gabalier

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Rarity from Vienna: Warchalowski WT 20 Tractor

The history of the company begins in 1858, when Jakob Warchalowski opens his machine factory J. Warchalowski in Vienna. Here, soon after the development of the internal combustion engine, he built stationary engines on his own, which were sold throughout the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. His sons were able to expand the business by registering numerous patents and establishing links with the German company Werner & Pfleiderer. In 1913 August Warchalowski founded the industrial works Warchalowski, Eissler & Co. where the construction of aircraft engines was soon added. During the First World War, Hiero aircraft engines were then manufactured under licence.
During the Second World War, most of the company’s factory buildings were destroyed. After the reconstruction, stationary engines in the range between 4 and 42 hp were offered again.
Finally, the air-cooled diesel engine was developed, which was built in lightweight construction with 2, 3 and 4 cylinders. This development opened the way to tractor construction, which went into series production from 1956. The tractors had between 14 and 50 hp and were equipped with a combination of Warchalowski diesel engines and ZF transmissions. The V-2 cylinder diesel engine with direct injection designed by Prof. Hans List (Graz) was particularly successful and was also used by other tractor manufacturers (Lindner, Kirchner, Krasser). There were also special models among the Warchalowski tractors with the designations A for all-wheel drive, B for mountain and S for narrow gauge. Business also flourished abroad, so that some tractors were even sold as far away as Indochina, Brazil or the USA.

The current owner grew up in St. Marein near Neumarkt and bought the tractor in 2008. Mr. Andreas Gabalier’s grandmother was his neighbour at the time. Originally, the owner’s father wanted to buy the tractor. However, the deal did not materialise at that time because, as in the eyes of the father, the tractor was in too bad a condition. The tractor was in a rather desolate condition. It was stored in the garage of Mr Gabalier’s mother, Huberta, in the village of Schiefling. It was just blocking the garage and wanted she wanted to get rid of it.
Without further ado, the owner decided to buy it and make it workable again. The sale was made between the mother Huberta Gabalier and the current owner. It took a few years until the tractor was made functional again by the owner himself. The seller had contacted Mr. Andreas Gabalier at that time. He told him that his father, Wilhelm, had taught him how to drive a tractor as a little boy on this very tractor.

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Austria, Teufenbach

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