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Autobianchi Bianchina Jolly

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The Autobianchi Bianchina is a minicar produced by the Italian automaker Autobianchi, based on the Fiat 500. The Autobianchi Bianchina was a tiny, little car built between 1957 and 1970. It was a fairly popular model and remains popular among collectors today. About a quarter of a million Bianchinas were built.

The cars were based around the extremely popular Fiat 500. The engine is a 499cc straight-twin making 22 horsepower. Because they share mechanicals from one of the most popular cars ever built in Europe, parts are easy to find. Fiat built “Jolly” versions of the 500 and 600 and they have become crazy expensive in the last few years. They are essentially beach cars with wicker interiors.

Autobianchi tried their hand at it as well – but they only managed to build four Bianchina Jolly beach cars in 1963, making them extraordinarily rare – much rarer than their Fiat counterparts.

The Bianchina offered here is a conversion of a Bianchina to a Jolly Spiaggina. Painted in its tipical red and cream colour with taylor made wickers seat in Italy.

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Bianchina, Jolly




Alessandria, Italy

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€ 37.000 – 39.000

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