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BMW 2002 Alpina

  • early 2002
  • Alpina conversion
  • Raceready

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BMW and ALPINA have a long history of working together to produce special BMW automobiles. Burkard Bovensiepen, son of the founder of ALPINA Business Machines and an enthusiastic racing driver/engineer, began his automotive career path in 1961 by developing a dual-carburettor setup for the just-introduced BMW 1500 sedan – the precursor to the venerable 2002 models. It was a predictive beginning: to take an already fine-performing BMW (which also just happened to be a practical sedan) and making it perform even better. ALPINA soon became a name famous in Europe and the wider world for putting a particular performance accent on BMWs and winning races.

This BMW 2002 racing car comes with FIA pass and full racing records.

This car has 2x Webers 45, five-speed dogleg gearbox, 75% LSD, racing gas tank, turbo exhaust, OMP rollbar, sports seats.

Ready for racing.

All racing modifications are written in original documents from 1971, including Austrian Typenschein.






2002, Alpina




Adamovec, Croatia

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