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In the years 1971 to 1973, Porsche Salzburg used some performance-enhanced VW 1302 S and VW 1303 S in European rallying. The VW 1302 and VW 1303 were all painted in silver (color code L96D) and black and had a red-white-red longitudinal stripe

This was intended to give the VW Beetle a more sporty image. The Beetles were driven according to the rally regulations of Group 2 at the time, and in some rallies they achieved first places.


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The rally engines of Porsche Salzburg impressed with remarkable liter performances when measured against VW standards. The official specification is: 120 HP at 6000 rpm. At 1584 ccm, this makes 76 hp per liter of displacement and corresponds to Porsche standard values. The best Super V-engines (1598 ccm) achieve a maximum of 133 hp, although they are based on the much more tuning-friendly VW 411 power unit. However, this top performance has to be bought by giving up almost all elasticity, so that on some tracks a tamer 125 HP engine is already considered the safe type. Compared to this, it is more than remarkable that Porsche Salzburg was able to lure 120 HP out of the Beetle engine, which is less suitable for high performance, and moreover, they knew how to combine this power with good elasticity. Even though the torque curve only reaches its maximum of 13.6 mkg at 5000 rpm, the engine takes off like a buffalo at 2000 rpm.

In 1973 the Salzburg Rally Beetles started at the TAP Portugal Rally.


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The Vendor of this Salzburg Rally Beetle Recreation wanted to have the Car as it was driven at the TAP Portugal Rally. As almost all the original Cars were wrecked during their lives he sourced an original 1303S and had it converted to Salzburg Beetle Spezifications.

Here are the modifications:

  • –  Set of VW pistons and conrods raising the displacement from 1584cc to 1835cc (92x69mm), increasing the power from 50hp to 128hp.

  • –  Engine induction via 2 Weber 46IDA/2 vertical twin- choke carburetors headed with K&N cotton gauze air filters.

  • –  Forced lubrication with a front mounted oil cooler of the same type as used in the Porsche 908 racing sportscars.

  • –  Porsche 901/01 5-speed limited-slip transmission with Porsche 911 gears.

  • –  Stiffened suspension with reinforced front springs and adjustable Bilstein gas shock absorbers.

  • –  Improved braking employing Mintex heavy-duty brake shoes and pads.

  • –  Auxiliary lighting with a supplementary pair each of Hella long-distance and fog lights fitted with period Philips Dublo PH4 automotive lamps.

  • –  FIA Appendix K period compliant safety roll cage.

  • –  Special upholstered accurate reproduction competition bucket seats.

  • –  Wider wheels shod with Pirelli tyres.

  • –  Special exhaust system.

  • –  Schroth competition 4-point harness safety belts.

  • –  Navigation aid via a Brantz International 2S Pro Tripmeter fitted on the dash for co-driver use.

  • –  Sports steering wheel with VW badge.

  • –  VDO rev counter, temperature and oil pressure gauges.

  • –  Electrical master switch on the dash.

  • –  Valid MOT allowing the car to be used freely on public roads.

The 901/01 5-speed transmission as used in the Porsche Salzburg rally cars is fitted with the same gear set as in the 911.

The Porsche 911 5-speed shift knob for the 901 gearbox, as fitted into the car.


The car is serviced and maintained at the same specialist competition shop that converted it to Porsche Salzburg specs.

Car interior in full rally trim, with bucket seats of period design and Schroth competition harness seat belts.

Here are some vintage pics of the Salzburg Rally Beetles in action

This your chance to own a very good recreation of the Iconic Rally Car of the 70ties













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