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Porsche 911T 2.4

  • vipergreen
  • light restored
  • reliable 911


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The 1970s…
Porsche succeeded on racetracks all over the world.
Porsche`s intention always was to take the experience from the tracks to the series road vehicles.
People where talking about sportscars and what terrible accidents happened.
Porsche went on the offensive with such advertisings:

The 2.4 911T, with the reiliable K-Jetronic, turned into a sales hit in the United States, though you could have bought 4 VW Beetles instead.

This 1973 911T, factory delivered in silver metallic, comes in beautiful vipergreen (225) in good repainted condition. The paint looks good and no rust through is visible. The Fuchs rims are in very good condition. Technical defects on the brakes, steering and axles are not visible. The front bumper was upgraded with the “S”-bumper.
The paint thickness measurement suggests a solid sheet metal condition.

Enjoy this walkaround video of this vipergreen 911:


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The black leatherette interior shows up in good and clean condition. Instruments and electrical features work right and even the door bags, usually worn out, fit real good.


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The complete serviced engine with the reliable american-market K-Jetronic, runs smooth and starts right up:


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This 1973 2.4 911T comes with title, owners manual, service book, a lot of bills and CoA.
The front and rear lights fit very well in the bodywork. Looking at the good gap dimensions all around, only the passenger door stands out a little, but this millimetre work is only a question of adjustment.
This is your chance to drive an authentic light restored 911 for a fair price.

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The vehicle description is provided to the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief. We at Getyourclassic use our experience to work with the seller to provide a correct and accurate vehicle description. However, the bidder must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and make all necessary enquiries before placing a bid. Our General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively.










flat 6






Austria, Kitzbühel


€ 69.000 – 75.000

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Auction has expired

Auction expired without reaching reserve price

Highest bidder was: actionant

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid Auto
actionant 30. September 2022 19:23 46.000,00
Obizara 30. September 2022 19:21 45.500,00
actionant 30. September 2022 19:19 45.000,00
Obizara 30. September 2022 19:17 44.500,00
actionant 30. September 2022 19:15 43.500,00
Obizara 30. September 2022 19:13 43.000,00
actionant 30. September 2022 19:11 42.500,00
Obizara 30. September 2022 19:09 42.000,00
actionant 30. September 2022 19:06 41.500,00
Obizara 30. September 2022 19:05 41.000,00
Dario 30. September 2022 19:01 40.000,00
actionant 30. September 2022 18:59 39.000,00
Obizara 30. September 2022 18:59 38.500,00
Dario 30. September 2022 18:57 38.000,00
actionant 30. September 2022 18:55 36.000,00
Obizara 30. September 2022 18:53 35.000,00
actionant 30. September 2022 18:44 29.000,00
kcsf 30. September 2022 18:33 28.500,00
MDJENKO 30. September 2022 16:01 28.005,00
MDJENKO 30. September 2022 15:41 24.500,00
MDJENKO 30. September 2022 13:50 24.000,00
Obizara 28. September 2022 13:14 23.000,00
lostboys007 26. September 2022 10:59 22.000,00
Auction started 23. September 2022 18:00

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Talk about it

7 days 19 hours ago

Is this a manual?

GYC Sascha
6 days 7 hours ago

Hello, yes this is a manual gearbox.

5 days 16 hours ago

I see the COA but no pictures of the transmission and engine numbers. Can you post the pictures for the numbers?

5 days 4 hours ago

Dear @sg901 you know that you only get the COA if the numbers match. Right ? We did not have a lift to get to the Transmission when we were taking the pictures.