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Porschelok Kurbähnle

  • Porschelok
  • Kurbähnle
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New types of locomotives and trains were developed for the 1959 Federal Garden Show in Dortmund. Initially, four of the traction engines now known as “Porsche locomotives” were used in the Westfalenpark. Three four-axle passenger carriages were available for each of them. Another locomotive was delivered in 1959 and used as a reserve. Further locomotives were delivered to Saarbrücken in 1959 and used therefrom 1960. The design of the front section of the locomotives was based on the look of the Porsche 356 using components from the DKW 3=6, and they were powered by a Porsche industrial engine with 1600 cubic centimetres of displacement and an output of 56 hp. Overall, the design was based on the TEE multiple unit train, which was modern at the end of the 1950s. The trains were created on the basis of an idea by the merchant Henry Escher. Seventeen trains of this design were built, which also ran on other Gartenschaubahnen in later years.

Baujahr Serie Anzahl Bemerkung
1959 1 4 Henry Escher Dortmund Zug 1–4
1959 Vorserie 2 1 Henry Escher Dortmund Zug 7 (Reservelok)
1960 2 3 Grandmontagne Saarbrücken gelb/blau/pink
1963 3 2 Henry Escher Hamburg Zug 8+9 (Express 1+2)
1963 3 1 Grandmontagne Saarbrücken dunkelblau
1967 3 2 Henry Escher Karlsruhe Zug 5+6
1973 3 4 Henry Escher Hamburg Zug 10–13

The idea of making it easier for holidaymakers in Freudenstadt to get to Parkwald was born in 1957. Even then, there were barriers to overcome with the administration, and so in the spring of 1960, official permission was granted and in the summer of 1961, operations could finally begin. The founding partners at the time were Mia Broermann, Siegfried Klaus, Ernst Luz, Fritz Klumpp and Karl-Heinz Katz. The first train had a Zugmaschiene and two trailers, was about 25 metres long and had room for about 40 guests. The driver of the Waldbahn, Josef Hafner and his wife Rose, were a stroke of luck for the Freudenstadt Bähnle. For more than 30 years he was the “Waldbahn Hafner” and was part of the townscape with the Waldbahn. Until 1991, he drove about 60,000 round trips from the market square to the park forest, and during the trip, he brought all the sights of the town, the beauties and possibilities of the Freudenstadt park forest closer to the guests. A jewel slumbered under the Kässbohrer attachment of the tractor: a 60 hp Porsche 356 engine revered by connoisseurs as the “Lady”.

One of the railless trains that Henry Escher had built from 1960 at the company Kässbohrer in Ulm. Escher owned at least twelve of these units at the end of the sixties, in addition to those already built in the fifties at the Sollinger Hütte. Others were also owned by Hannelore Grandmontagne in Karlsruhe and two by Pless in Hamburg. They were used at federal garden shows, in zoos, as trade fair shuttles and on airfield aprons.

The Porsche locomotives were used at various locations, mostly initial to a garden show: Dortmund, Westfalenpark, from the 1959 Federal Garden Show to 1990, Saarbrücken, Deutsch-Französischer Garten, from the 1960 Garden Show to the present, Amsterdam, Amstelpark, Floriade 1972 and 1975 to the present, Karlsruhe, Schlossgarten (since BUGA 1967 to the present; parked in the meantime), Cologne Rheinpark (BUGA 1971, as well as 2001 to the present), Hamburg IGA 1963 and 1973 (1963 to 1982), Mannheim Federal Garden Show 1975, Stuttgart Federal Garden Show 1977 in the Schlossgarten, Bonn Federal Garden Show 1979 and Ulm State Garden Show 1980.

Porsche rides were thus a permanent feature of the Federal Garden Shows and International Garden Shows for over two decades. Only for the Federal Garden Show 1965 in Essen was a different train model developed with gas propulsion, and in Stuttgart 1961 the tried and tested Killesbergbahn was in use.

Like all the others, this Porschelock is powered by a 1600 cc Porsche industrial engine. The engine is based on that of the 356. It is installed at the front and drives the Prometeus rear axle of the tractor unit via a Hürth 4-speed gearbox with pole shift and a transfer case from Sollinger Hütte. It is said that after every year of Service the Engine was sent to Porsche to get an overhaul. Unfortunately, these Bills are missing.

The train was sold in 1991 and then ran for a few years in an amusement park in East Germany. After its decommissioning, it stood in a hall of the park for years until the seller Chromecars found it

There are only 4 others Porscheloks known to exist and only one other with the trains.

This Porschelok is complete with her 2 trains. The engine is still with the train as are almost all parts. This is a very cool base for a unique restoration project. Though it is in need of a full restoration. Mechanically, optically and technically.

Chromecars will assist with the shipping. Just ask upfront for quotes.

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4 Zyl. Boxer

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Jena // Thüringen // Germany

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