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Welcome to Flitzerland II

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We are in Zürich and it is 6 o`clock in the morning. Why, you may ask, so early? Because we are heading towards a 400 km trip passing the Rofflaschlucht, the Splügen Pass, St. Moritz and finishing with the Julier and Albulapass.

Fotocredit Blazej Zulawski

As every good Roadtrip starts with good Coffee we meet up at a Röstbar to start the Tour.

All excited about the road we are heading towards the Roffaschlucht and Splügen Pass. On the first Kilometers on the Motorway we could free the exhaust pipes before going on windy roads ascending roads.

Arriving in St. Moritz the group divided into the GT Group and the Forza Drivers. Forza meant to go for Albulapass before heading to the “Not a Gala” Dinner.

Fotocredit Blazej Zulawski

It´s Sunday early in the morning and Stefan Bogner from Curves Magazine prepared a wonderful route for the Forza Team. The GT`s took the eazy sunday morning. We are heading off to the Stelvio with Stefan upfront.

After having Lunch in Nairs, we are heading to the Flüela Pass for our last “Cake” before heading back to Zürich fo some Käsefondue.

The Flitzertour is organised by the Berlin based Flitzerclub .